Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Basket Of RBI's From Dinger Eggs

Yesterday, the Yankees dropped five beauties on the birds.

Usually it is the birds who produce the eggs.

Holy Sepulchre !

Even Gardy was granted two hits and an egg last night.

His dinger rbi's are the two purple ones.

Good for Gardy.

And good for our newest, no-name bullpen guys.

Girardi has license to burn out these two arms and not worry. We play 31 straight games, I think.

If we bring up Pat Vendette, we will have another two arms to burn.

Keep those eggs coming. We need them.


el duque said...

Good for Gardy.

Good for Gardy?

How about, "I sincerely apologize for ever doubting Gardy, and I never will again."

Rober E. Lee said...

and Austin Jackson is below the mason dixon line