Thursday, March 26, 2015

18 Straight Championship Seasons !!!

I know it has already been covered, but Hal's only interest in the Yankees, unlike his father George, is in the financial game.

For the 18th consecutive year, the Yankees top the list of baseball franchise valuations.  At $3.2 Billion, the Yankees still trail Real Madrid ( $3.44 Billion ) for the sports franchise crown.  The difference is;  Real Madrid is constantly winning their championship, or competing intensely for it.

The Yankees, as we know, are satisfied to threaten, but not achieve, the one-game play-in.  This was not the case when Sir George was alive.  He would have fired people and traded people if the Yankees were twice in a row humiliated by the Mets, even in grapefruit ball.

He would spend the $3.2 billion to win.  Hal buys pecan rolls.

Yesterday's game was laughable, in that the Yankees had no chance of scoring runs or even threatening to do so.  Headley is the only clutch hitter….only hitter…we have.  And he is a rental.  Beltran is a joke.  Tex is hitting because he can't get around on pitches any more, and is poking balls to left against the shift. Brett is working himself into batting shape, still hiding under the .200 bridge.

The excuses for Dellin; CC and even Tanaka abound.  On the one hand, Yankee announcers interview Joe and he acknowledges that this is the time when starters ( position and pitching ) have to sharpen up, as the real games are only 2 weeks away.

Out of the other side of his mouth are excuses for everyone;

Dellin's lack of fastball pace, his hanging curves.  Tanaka's two seamer and work on his change-up.  CC's gopher ball, " location" work.  And Ellsbury is getting closer every day.  He even took " dry swings" the other day.  Can you imagine?  $12million to do that?

We'll likely start the season 14-0.


KD said...

A Stuckey's Pecan Roll is the best thing about the South. Hal get's it.

Anonymous said...

Hank and Hal need to be gone, but we should not aspire to have another insane blowhard like George.

We need ownership like the current Dodgers. Smart, calculating, and silent, but willing to spend as much money as it takes to get top personnel across the ENTIRE organization. Thats it. No overreacting fools like George please.