Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If the exhibition season ended today, we'd make the Bud Selig One-Game Wild Card

Read it and weep, Redsock Nation.

You'd be done, thinking about Moncada next spring.
We'd head to Oakland, with Tanaka pitching the Big Game.

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Ezekiel said...

Face it, duque: any team that would re-sign Stephen Drew and Chris Young--but not only keep them but slot them for major playing time over young prospects who are clearly superior--is clearly terminally diseased.

Why don't you take up needlepoint to get you through the summer? Your feeble flailing on behalf of this imminent disaster has taken a toll on your faculties of logic and judgment. You are not rooting anymore for DiMaggio, Ford, Kubek, and Nettles--you are rooting for an assemblage of incompetents, on and off the field.

Rooting for the Yankees now is the sport equivalent of rooting for Fox News.