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Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Hope No One Is Watching

In one of the most disastrous spring training games ever played, our starting day "ace," CC Sabathia has given up three home runs in three innings, one of which ( an inside-the-park) has likely put our most exciting young player ( Pirela ) out for the season.

CC, who cane into the game with a 9.00 ERA, is claiming to all how good he feels and how ready he is for the season to begin.

I now have no reason to watch the rest of the game.  There is no way we score off Matt Harvey ( who reminds me of Roger Clemens at his peak.)  And I don't want to watch a bunch of hopeless "at bats' by a now boring Yankee line-up.  Whoopee, Mark Texiera got a single and we stranded him on first with three straight pop-ups and strike outs.

When Juan Pirela smoked himself into the CF wall, trying to make an impossible catch, I hoped ( no malicious intent ) it was Chris Young.  My hope was that would create an opening for Pirela.  And if Chris Young were out, I could watch many more games.

The fact that Sabathia totally sucks neither surprises nor disturbs me.  The old timer team is just going to be awful.  And he may turn out to be the worst.

This season always was always going to be disappointing and deflating.

But there was a glimmer of reason to watch the occasional Yankee game;  the possible appearance of someone young and talented, as opposed to the same old, ineffective line-up of ancient and egregiously over-paid players ( for past glories).  Predictable failures all around.

Boring leads to madness.

This team is predictably boring.

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