Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One out of five of you think the Big 3 - Maddux, Glavin and Smoltz - wait, I mean Pineda, Tanaka and Sabathia! - will still be standing at the all-star break

To those who keep hope alive, I salute you.

I will try to learn from you.

CC is already using the "just working on feeling good" line to absolve himself from poor pitching lines.  We hold our breath whenever Tanaka lets go - and we will for the rest of our lives. But Pineda does look solid, and - who knows - maybe Evaldi can evolve!

Most of you expect one or two will be gardening by mid-July. That doesn't guarantee a Yankee collapse, but it's hard to imagine the 2015 team going far without the three cogs. The competition for our fifth rotation spot already looks desperate - I'm talking Sidney Ponson/Wally Whitehurst Level Desperation. We will spend the season like Rick in "The Walking Dead," pondering those severed arms in the forest - except that we'll be wondering if they can pitch every fifth day.

Oh, well. Maybe we'll get lucky.


KD said...

59% of us feel that no more than one of our Big 3 starters will be kaput by the all-star break? well, maybe they're right. I hope they are right. as someone famous once said, "You can't predict baseball"!!

JM said...

Hey, wait a minute. Sidney Ponson is available?

Anonymous said...

John M is like the Sidney Ponson of the IIHIIF staff