Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is Anyone Worried?

Brett Gardener is hitting close to zero, for the entire spring.

Saving himself?

Needs glasses?

Post concussion syndrome?

I am worried.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, after watching years or spring training you realize that spring training stats mean absolutely nothing and aren't a predictor of anything for the season.

JM said...

ESPN headline: "Joe Girardi no fan of Brett Gardner's wall-climbing skills"

Maybe he's not hitting yet, but he does realize that sports are entertainment.

Alphonso said...

You are right. You can't predict baseball.

joe de pastry said...

Here's one thing I can predict: the next time the Yankees play a game on the West Coast I'll be asleep before Gardner steps to the plate for the second time. I'm actually too bored by this team to be worried.

Alphonso said...

That is the truth. The team is unwatchable.

Our only hope is the old injury bug. Unfortunately, it struck the most interesting player we
have ( Pirela ). But unless, hamstrings, and wrists, and oblique strains hit about 6 players, we won't see any young talent. Refsnyder is nearly hitting .400 in spring training, but Drew's contact keeps him at second. There is no longer any hope that the Yankees will play the guys who are performing the best on the field.

That is boring.