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Monday, March 23, 2015

Have You Heard The Rhetoric?

The Yankee brass are drooling over themselves, and in the press, about how CC's velocity was up.

How about his 24.0 ERA?  That is up too.  So were the three home run balls, in three innings.

Matt Harvey pitched 6 innings of shutout ball, and gave up two singles.   Think the Mets were happy about his velocity improving?

We are so full of crap.  CC Sabathia looks like a disaster, and the Yankees are gushing about him as though he were, well, a Matt Harvey.

THe Pirela story is just a metaphor for this Yankee decade.  A glimmer of hope is squashed before it can become real.  Dreams become nightmares.  The Mets all star, gold glove center fielder, who is younger than Pirela,  crushes the ball that crushes Pirela's face.  The Met guy gets an inside the park home run;  we get another trip to the MRI table, and more reps for Chris Young ( I'm not going to mention the health status of Jacoby Ellsbury).

Welcome to the 2015 Yankee season.

Just yesterday, some study was published in the NYTimes about how concussions impact hitters.   The summary;  they never hit as well after " recovering" from a concussion, as they did before.

Duque is right;  the boy now goes to Scranton to work back his baseball talents, and quietly disappears.  It is like sending him to Chile, as a pro-democracy protester, in the 1970's.

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