Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Boring Due To Stupidity

So I visited with Mustang at his Florida retreat ( pictured above ).  We went to a couple of Yankee games with Duque, and then pow-wowed to assess the season to come.  We even watched a game or two on Mustang's jury-rigged, outdoor TV stand.

In my view, the Yankees will be unwatchable.  Sure, they will win a game or two because they have some pitching, and a few talented players ( Gardener, Headley, the former Red Sox star in center, and they will draw a walk, occasionally, and put that together with a stolen base and maybe a single or double.

Very few teams at the major league level can't win 60-70 games just by showing up.  I read today that Girardi has few decisions left to make.  That is pathetic, by the way.

 What it means is if Brendan Ryan, the veteran .190 hitter, is healthy, Juan Peralta, the international league batting champ last season, and one of our few consistent hitters this spring, will be back at Scranton.  This is the player everyone except the Yankees says, " must be on the team."

We all know the rhetoric to come:  " we need him to play everyday, so he'll be ready if we need him."  When you trace the history of the the young talent who come to spring training, excel beyond expectations and outplay every $5 million trash heap player on the roster, you find disaster, demoralization and, eventually, a trade for some 35 year old sot.

I have to say it again.  Cashman is our ebola virus.  He is the village idiot dressed in suits.  I don't care how many buildings he can rappel down…he has, is and always will ruin this team.  His super stars;  Tex, Beltran, McCann, Drew, Didi, are Brett are all hitting below .200 for the spring.

We will have a bench of Murphy, Ryan, Chris Young and Garrett Jones.  No Bird, no Peralta, no Refsnyder. No Judge. Just overpaid Dick.

The young guys will remain trade bait for the July deadline, so we can sneak into the one- game playoff.  This is now the Yankee's standard of excellence.

It is a bad year for Yankee fans.  Unless you want to be bored watching dull and predictable Yankee games.  And when each game is over say to yourself, " how stupid am I to have wasted all that time watching these idiots."

When Chris Young is our most exciting option, we are doomed.


el duque said...

For the record (and the whole truth, with no embellishment:)

The last thing Alphonso said before he left was that he planned to "shake things up" this year by being optimistic.

God's truth. That's what he said.

Mustang said...

I'm your witness on that Duque.

Plus he watched so much backyard TV, now I'm out of propane.

ceeja said...

Even the Yankees are not stupid enough to send Pirela to Scranton. He will make the team.

I wasn't optimistic about Moncada or Scherzer or Lester. I am optimistic about them promoting Pirela.