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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clip and save, for when they trade him in July

Sorry. Hate to be such a pill. (I'm thinking sodium pentothal.) The Moncada thing still haunts me. But in the names of Peter O'Brien and Manny Banuelos, I REFUSE to accept another steaming load of Yankee prospect hype, ginned up by a propaganda machine that will say anything about anybody, as long as it fills space in the paper and seats in the stadium. Nope. Won't buy it.

I ain't a marchin' anymore. I ain't a-goin' back to Hal's farm.

Greg Bird is the third rated prospect in the Yankee system, which is considered to be middling at best, and the reason why we are that high is because of an avalanche of money shelled out last July on Latino 16-year-olds, who have yet to suit up in America. Bird had a breakout season last year and then, in the Arizona Fall Instructional League All-Star Game, hit a big HR. He will play at Double A this year, and that's where most Yankee "real deal" prospects wither and die. One reason why the Yankees are hyping Bird is that Gary Sanchez - who has been touted for the last two springs - is no longer hype-able, due to mediocre hitting lines and personnel matters. If Bird doesn't hit this year - and there are guarantees - they'll ship him off in July for some 32-year-old reclamation project, and they'll claim Bird was never in their plans.

If the Yankees had a rookie like Mookie Betts - the Redsocks' 22-year-old CF - they'd be installing his face on blimps. We had 10 years to develop a replacement for Derek Jeter, and we couldn't do it, and not one of the top brass in our farm system was fired. (Mark Newman has "retired.") Until the Yankees start developing actual players, I will not accept this crapola.

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