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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yankees vs. NCAA

I had Valpariso and 2 points over Maryland, yesterday, and lost a bunch of Benjamins.  My inside information proved worthless, by a point.

Now, I'm pretty sure it was a bad bet from the outset.  But I made it with a guy in a bar I don't have to return to.  In a town I can cross off the map, as well.  Still…I have this nagging feeling I have to lighten my wallet.  Know what I'm saying?

The Yankees were unavailable to me on TV and my car ( only radio ) is in the shop.  But I learned a few things anyway;

We can win a "B" game, in the grapefruit league, without Beards.

The stars were all young guys; Warren; Whitley; Pirela, Gálvez ( the guy at third whose name starts with a G ), and Refsnyder.  The news, naturally, was that A-Rod homered.

Lots of the minor league camp guys played, including Judge.  Noonan got no hit.

Blah.  I need a win today and I need my car radio

By the way, it is Spring and snowing again.

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