Saturday, March 28, 2015

News From the Shadow of Baseball's Luxury Cathedral

Nancy Spielberg with Rambo.
Coyote Spooks Steven Spielber's Sister in Bronx: "This one felt like a predator, like he couldn’t be rehabilitated. He was out in the daytime watching us for a very long time.”

Bronx Man Charged With Manslaughter After Parking Dispute: Defense lawyer Dennis Ring says it was a tragic accident and his client will be cleared when all of the facts come out.

Bronx Grandmother Forced to Use Scooter After Teens Steal Wheelchair: "It's hard on the bumps, it goes sideways. I don't trust it too much. I live on a hill. I'm scared of it."

Documentary on Actor Dick Miller to Screen: The Bronx native's film career began with a run of roles for B-movie king Roger Corman that started with "Apache Woman" (1955) and included "It Conquered the World" (1956), "War of the Satellites" (1958), "A Bucket of Blood" (1959), "Premature Burial" (1962) and "The Terror" (1963).

Dick Miller gets electrocuted in Chopping Mall (1986):


KD said...

Loved this from the coyote piece:

"Coyotes caught in New York City are released into a Bronx wilderness area by the Parks Department and Animal Care and Control."

LOL! only an insulated New Yorker can imagine "wilderness" areas in the Bronx.

el duque said...

Isn't Dick Miller the guy who sold the assault weapons to the Terminator? He deserved to get massacred.

Stang (Short for Mustang) said...

Well, he already got killed for that, in The Terminator. Does he have to get killed for that in every movie?