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Thursday, March 12, 2015

A-Rod homers... but it would have gone farther if he was on the juice, right Mr. Murdoch?

The NY tabs have a J.Jonah Jamison/Spiderman thing going with A-Rod. Last week, the Post celebrated his first spring hit with this creatively hateful zinger.

So, after he homered yesterday, we'd expect them to gleefully accuse Alex of going back on the sauce, right?

Nope. They play it straight, sort of. The snarkless headline reads "A-Rod launches first home run of spring." After the dutiful, happy quote from Alex, they remind us that the disgraceful Public Enemy No. 13 hasn't hit a home run in a long, long while...

 Rodriguez still has to show he’s able to hit them when it counts after returning from his year-long suspension... In five games this spring, Rodriguez is 5-for-11 with two walks and as many have shown before him, success this time of year can be deceiving.

Fair game, I guess. But it's a sign that the tabs are starting to hedge their bets. In the editorial rooms, somebody must be pondering the worst case scenario: That A-Rod actually returns, hits and has a good year.

Of course, the American snipers - Madden, Lupica, et al, the gods of sports morality - will take their shots. Right now, though, with the Yankees looking punchless, it's hard to condemn the a guy who is hitting.


JM said...

I have to point it out: solo shot. Watch for the "meaningless" home run meme in the days ahead...

rogerc said...

True. All the homers he hits are meaningless home runs, adding to the weight of the accusation that all A-Rod does, all he has ever done, is hit meaningless home runs, in games when they don't count, when the Yankees are too far ahead or too far behind for them to make any difference. There is no question that he is MLB's all time meaningless home run hitter. What has he got, like 630 of them?