Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Quick Question for the Research Dept.

The one " big name prospect" we never hear about has the last name of, Sheffield.

We know about Glyber, and Mateo, Frazier, Andjuhar, Wade, Kaprelian and Bird.  But wasn't Sheffield amongst those we acquired last summer?  Wasn't he one of the gemstones?

It won't surprise me to learn he has been injured all season.  In fact, that is likely the better rationale for his total absence from all radar screens. I mean if he simply sucks, that will be a disappointment.

Anyone have insights?  Anyone seen him play?  Is he rooming with Dante Bichette, or Cito Culver?  Possibly in a rock band?  Left the game for personal reasons?  Up the river?

Is this another scam from Brian Cashman?


Rufus T. Firefly said...


Says he's on 7 day DL with oblique strain.

Yankee Shamus said...

I watched him pitch here in Richmond Va when Trenton came to town to play the Flying Squirrels a month or so ago (the Squirrels, double A SF Giants - who, btw have a certain Slade Heathcott having a hell of a season for them - he's a star here in RVA) and he was electric. 7 IP 2 R, 4 H, 2 BB and 8 K. He got the ND but his stuff sizzled at 96, 97

Yankee Shamus said...

Heathcott this year .272 AVG, 14 doubles, 12 HR, 6 SB and 30 RBI.

Nickname Damur said...

So far, acc. to reports: on twitter

NYY get: T. Frazier, T. Kahnle, D. Robertson

CHW get: I. Clarkin, T. Clippard, B. Rutherford

Nothing official.

Leinstery said...

I turned on John and Suzyn after hearing the news (RIP Rutherford) first thing I hear "JOHN! Quiet, I'm talking to people." She then let hi peak at her source and what the deal was and demanded he not say a word. Now everyone knows I love nothing more than Suzyn's decade long ascent to power. From John's bitch who had to know her role (shut up and tell the listeners that John called it), to John's nurse cleaning up all of his mispronunciations and fuck ups while also throwing in little jabs when John jinxed something, to now she controls the show. John is king but in name only.