Sunday, July 30, 2017

Somebody special was quoted in the New York Times today


After 31 years of work, Suzyn Waldman, the longtime Yankees announcer, still regularly encounters people who doubt her knowledge and sometimes express that viciously.
“There is not an 18-year-old intern or an engineer that does not think he knows more than I do about the game,” she told me. “They don’t.”


Tom said...

Good column, Doug Glanville. Reminded me to stop being a pig.

Leinstery said...

Have you ever listened to Jessica Mendoza? That's a woman who has no idea what she's talking about. Suzyn has been around baseball for over 30 years, has vivid memories of listening to specific games from when she was 8, and has done pretty much every job that pertains to covering baseball. I trust her every word. That Frazier Mickey Mantle fiasco earlier this year was Randy Levine's doing so I don't count that.

Now John on the other hand, is blind and has his tendencies ingrained so deeply into him that I pretty much question every pitch, ground out, and hit. He also is the biggest jinx on the face of the Earth. And for years I had never heard him mention another sport except baseball, nowadays he's all over the place with hockey, tennis, and mesoamerican ballgames. He keeps talking about the Hawks and his time in Atlanta and I'm not entirely sure he knows what decade he's in or what sport he's calling.

Leinstery said...

That's from I guess 2000. The ending had me smiling knowing that she eventually found the man of her dreams.

John M said...

Suzyn is amazing. In a perfect world, she would be the 'Voice of' some team, maybe the Yankees.