Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wake Up America. A major event is looming in Yankee World!

I may have to post a lot of crap this week, because El Duque is expected to be, well, under the weather.  In a good way.  In the " let's have a beer at 10:00am way."  In the eventual lingering hangover way.  Then the sausage, eggs and home fries with lots of black coffee.  Rye toast. Only Duque likes rye toast.  Then, given the week at hand, he repeats.  Muscle memory kicks in.

Anyway;  back to business.

I predicted some time ago that the Yankees would enter into a significant trade for a first baseman.  We will give up assets.  We will Lose "prospects" that no one wants to lose.  This is the cost of having no leverage.  This is the kind of circumstance where the Yankees could get " undressed," but we have to do it.  Suddenly, we are the Cubs of 2016, we are the Indians of 2016, and we will give up pretty much anything to solidify our shot at the one-game play-in.

Happily, it is unlikely to be Wade or Frazier, because their over-blown, " future all star, "status has run into the major league pinprick.  Neither can hit their way out of the proverbial paper bag.  At least not yet.  But their value has declined about 90%, I would say.  Anyone can strike out, pop out or fly out.  Anyone can wave to their family in the stands.  Not everyone can hit.

As an aside;  I still think we will trade Frazier, eventually, and he will become a great player.  But not for us.  The ghost of Jay Buhner still hovers.

I believe we will lose someone like Mateo and, likely, some pitching arms as well.  Maybe a top draft pick or two.  Maybe one or two of our recent " international" signees.

But the Yankees cannot continue with Bok Choy as our one, and only, first base option.  And I will wager, he is not nearly as good as Romine at the position.

So maybe what we need is a back-up catcher, so Romine can play first full time. The catcher we have in Scranton has , sadly, played enough games up here to prove that he is not close to getting his first major league hit.  What is going on down there at Scranton that no one can come here and hit?  ( okay I'll remember that Aaron Judge was " iffy" in his first dance up here).

So that's it then;  a major Yankee deal looms.  Book it.  Count on it.  Wait for it.  Cashman is working on the details as we speak.

We are going to hate the " loss of assets" required to pull it off, but we can always rationalize
that, " they probably weren't going to be as good as everyone thought, anyway."  ( op. Cit :  see Wade and Frazier above).

It is really too bad about the Bird person.

Blogger questions:  Do we begin a new winning streak today?  Does Frazier strike out two times or more?  Does Wade look comfortable on the bench?  Will Bok Choy amaze us with Tino Martinez-like skills?  And what will Pineda give us?

I need a beer.


Beana27 said...

I need a beer & rye toast (I like it too)

Nickname Damur said...

The Master's call:

Ji-Man is a He-Man!!

Leinstery said...

Girardi is a fucking moron. The team is absolutely reeling so this dipshit thinks a tie game is the perfect time to see if Betances can figure it out. Nope. NOPE! Walks the 7-9 batters and the winning run in. John actually said "Can you believe that they are going to lose this game because a pitcher as good as Betances walked four batters?" Yes John I can believe it, he basically did the same thing Saturday against the Astros and the exact same thing last week against the White Sox. How bad of a manager do you have to be to keep putting the same trash out there? It has never crossed that cunt's mind to use someone else in that situation until asshole Betances figures it out.

Also, don't want to knock Judge, but it seems like he always strikes out when he's up in the 9th. Zero clutch

Alphonso said...

One guy cannot do it alone.

The game was lost when Headley made out with runners on second and third in the 6th inning.

We cannot win tie games.

And we ruin every rookie's debuts.

By losing.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess rye toast is better than pumpernickel...

Better watch it, Fonz - - you seem to be obsessed with blaming Bird when there is plenty of culpability elsewhere (I'm lookin' at you, Joey); c'mon, Fonz I know you're no Bird-brain...

What? You don't G-Man LaChoy??

This last month has put us all out-of-sorts - - especially those of us who don't normally drink much. LB (No J)