Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Not My Style....

I hate futility.

Ten strikeouts is my idea of futility.  I mean, fans want to see baseball not a display of continual incompetence.  Any one of us could get off their couch, chug our drink, and go take three hacks that strike only the air.

At least put the ball in play. A fly ball beyond the dirt?  Even a foul ball pop-up?

If you knew in advance that the equivalent of three full innings (plus ) would consist of the Yankees making no contact whatsoever, and simply going down on three called strikes, would anyone watch?

So what is my take-away from last night's stressful debacle?

1.  Sonny got embarrassed as he was about to implode in the 4th ( his barrier inning this year ), and said, " fuck this, I am going down in flames."  He pitched out of major trouble and regained some confidence ( maybe ).  That could be important for the Yankees.

2.  Gleyber showed the he can hit the best pitching we have seen yet this season.  He is also a smart ballplayer.

3.  We made no errors.  Even with Neal walker playing his last game at first.

4.  Dellin was dominating again.

5.  Aaron showed confidence in what's his name ( 8th inning relief ), who did well.  And that was a seriously big moment.  Critical outs.

So there are " positives " to take from this game.  Something I hate to do.  Something that is more for philosophers than fans.  I mean, is this a detective  novel or baseball?

But we will be seriously " exposed" for the year, if all of our big guns are silenced today and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Show me some fucking resilience.  I can't take any  more " soft benefits" re-caps, like I just provided.

It isn't my style or nature.

P.S.   What is Aaron Judge doing, taking a strike on a 3-0 count when he is pinch-hitting and represents the tying run?  He wasn't sent up there to walk in that circumstance!  For a team uninterested in hitting the ball last night, he sure joined the party.  How does that happen?  WTF???


KD said...

Judge takes his walks and that does pump up his metrics. But crap, that was not the time to take a free pass. Ma Boone I hope had a talk with the young man.

Publius said...

Not a word about Stanton's non-competitive K in the 9th? Completely overwhelmed. He's a headcase.

Alphonso said...

I didn't bother to watch his at bat, because he is never going to hit in the clutch. Never had to before, and never will now.

I still wish we hadn't traded for him. But I am happy that Gleyber is playing second base.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yes, Scranton is now truly alarming. 230 in a whole month now, and he looks as bad on the road as he does at home.

None of the usual signs that a player is starting to pull out of a slump—a couple cheap singles, then a more solid double, etc.—seem to lead anywhere. He looks lost.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And I agree, Alphonso: I always loved it when Lou Holtz said that Notre Dame doesn't win "moral" victories.

I feel the same with the Yankees.

KD said...

when the "A" team took the field to win Mussina his 20th in 2008 is the last "moral" victory that I can recall..

HoraceClarke66 said...

Which Mike responded to by, after the season was over, blaming Mariano Rivera for the fact that he never won a World Series.