Thursday, July 1, 2021

Cashman's Latest...

 In yet another insult to Yankee prospects, wasting their careers for the Scranton Yankees, Cashman has traded for OF Tim Locastro, a career .190 hitter ( Arizona ).

The Yankees will give up AA pitcher Keegan Curtis in the deal.  Watch for him to ascend the pitching ladder and embarrass the Yankees. We have Chappy and Brooke.

Cashman's message to Trey Amburgey and Estevan  Florial: 

 " I don't give a shit what your numbers are, or your skill sets,......I will always go outside to undermine you."

The Yankees are getting a fine young man from upstate NY.  Who can't hit a lick.  But he is better than Frazier and Andujar in every way.

Too bad that he isn't better than Trey or Estevan.

That would be nice. 

The Yankees are a dead mollusk. 


BernBabyBern said...

Cashman is obviously looking at the analytics here.

Locastro has played 1 game in Yankee Stadium in his career.

In that game, he homered.

The Yankees have 39 home games remaining this year. Therefore, by extrapolation, we can expect at least 39 home runs from Tim this season.


While the world is playing checkers. Cashman is playing chutes and ladders.

TheWinWarblist said...

Exactly Bern.

Anonymous said...

Please do not insult dead mollusks .
They were once sensitive young creatures who did nothing to earn your degradation.

Unlike say, Boone, Hal, and Cashman

The Acutely Caring Archangel

ranger_lp said...

I looked up this guy...

Ya had to know the guy bats right if we don't have enough right handed hitters, we had to go out and get another one. Just put me out of my misery now...

Oh, he's supposedly very fast. Which might mean if the game is over, he's the first one to the clubhouse.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Meanwhile...took a spin outside just now to purchase some vodka for Mrs. Calabash. Not a bad day. The inclement weather lasted all of 20 minutes.


Fans must sit in the pelting rain for two hours and thirteen minutes? Big-o deal-o.

Players are tired and, above all, they don't want to risk keeping the corporate jet waiting? Game called!

But hey, who needs to worry about the fans? They'll always be there no matter how bad they're treated. Right?

mik said...

"Cashman's Latest..."??

What is the difference? Hal just placed ZERO blame on either Cashman nor Boone during a call with the NY media. They can do no wrong! They are without blemish!

"Hal Steinbrenner makes safe call on Aaron Boone, Brian Cashman."

Must be nice to suck at your job and have no accountability.

Anonymous said...

Prince Hal is an ass. But, hell, I wish I had a sinecure like Cashman. Made every kind of stupid mistake imaginable, and the sports writers still think he's a genius. Does he buy them lunch every day? Must be the Brian Cashman mystique. In some ways, Cashman leads an even more charmed life than Prince Hal.

The Hammer of God

EDB said...

Another Dumpster Dive by Genius Cashman. LoCastro is hitting under .200 and has struck out 26 times in just over 100 at bats. Just what The Yankees need. However, if you play The Look-A-Like Game, LoCastro looks like Sean Penn.

Scottish Yankee fan said...

This move seems like a mone you make with the end of the seasons and playoffs in mind a guy who is lightning fast but can't hit just really for pinch-running duties

So I have no idea why we are making this move as the playoffs are a long shot and a waste of time even if we get there with this farcial team and management

JM said...

Locastro had a fine .295 BA last year, and his last three OBPs have been damn good.

He gets on base and can run the competition ragged once he's there. I'll give him a chance.

Joe of AZ said...

Only problem.....they'd have to get there....which I doubt they will

Joe of AZ said...

More Gaslighting from the brain trust

BernBabyBern said...

Locastro has a decent OBP because he is the master of getting hit by pitches.

In his career ...

He's got more HBPs than he has walks.
He's got more HBPs than he has doubles.
He has more HBPs than he has RBIs.
He's got more HBPs than he has stolen bases (and he set a damn stolen base record earlier this season)

So if the pitch is anywhere near the inside part of the plate, he's a threat to get hit.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Cashman missed his calling. With office politician skills like this, obviously he should have run a major movie studio, or a political party. He would be powerful beyond measure.

Thank goodness he did not.

Think of it this way: The Yankees are taking one for America. And the world.

Anonymous said...

Just as Clueless Hal, inbred monarch of a crumbling baseball aristocracy, reaffirms his unshakable paternal pride in the dumbest GM in baseball, the aforementioned (as Kay likes to put it) dumb GM inscrutably announces the acquisition of one of the PROVEN worst players in baseball, a prized addition to his already burgeoning stable of some of the other PROVEN worst players, such as Gardner and Odor.

Sorry boys--this franchise is doomed. There's always Wimbledon tennis for the time being, and after that, it's "Let's go Rays!"

HoraceClarke66 said...

Bernie, what I hear you saying is that he gets hit by pitches a lot.

Mike said...

Is Ron Hunt available? Is the ghost of Don Baylor ready to suit up? Some semblance of Jeter ready to rock (I know; according to John and Suzyn a couple days ago all those hits on the wrists were fake)? That motherfucking short right field porch, OBVIOUSLY to anyone except idiots, was built for sub-.200 righties who get hit by pitches. Anything over .200 is fucking gravy. For Chrissakes, last year anything over .146 was cool; their goddamned leader behind the plate only beat that by a point, and only did it because he remembered to run sometimes.

I've loved this team (not management or players but the idea of the Yankees) since 1975. Right now they absolutely suck gluten-rich dinosaur gonads. They are collectively damaging all the things I (and maybe we) gave a shit about. I get no sense at all that any of these fuckers ever thinks it's important. Momentarily? yeah. But after the next commercial? Just whatever happens followed by Boondocks's nonsensical verbiage acting as counterpoint to his throat clearings and interjections of "OBVIOUSLY".

Done with these assholes. Go Mets! For three days, anyway.

And yeah: I hope Gianni and his nine got plenty of sleep. If you encounter any of them perchance, please tell them their fans didn't. I'm guessing on the fandom insomnia, but I have enough experience to posit a guess.

Anonymous said...

If you need a smile today, just look at Anthony Volpe's stats at Tampa at MILB. He leads the league in about 1/2 a dozen categories .
I'm sure that somebody could use a good SS and would be willing to trade a 32-yr.old relief pitcher with injury issues.

The Observant Archangel

Yankee Daddy Roger said...

Why, why, why is every trade (with the exceptions of Tauchman and Odor, and they don't count; Odor will never count, he could have big hit after big hit--so Suzy claims- and he still would be despicable because of the penny pinching he stands for) for a right handed hitter? Why this resistance to the basic physics of Yankee Stadium? Every game, a righthander comes in and attacks our righties with sliders and curve balls and off the plate offerings, and every game our righties are more or less hopeless against a properly executed off speed pitch. Cashman is so much smarter than every other GM finding these hidden gems! Who cares if they are left handed or not!

Why? Why? Why?

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