Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Does anyone really believe the Yankees can trade their way to a 2021 world series?

Most likely, the 2021 post-season will boil down to a battle between the elite MLB franchises of this millennium: the Giants, Dodgers, Redsocks, Astros and Rays. Of course, the ascending White Sox and Brewers look formidable. Then come the outliers - the Mets, A's and Padres. 

Back in the pack - way back, in the zone of mediocrity - sit the woeful, seemingly cursed, 2021 Yankees. 

You might say this team has "issues." It has no lefty slugger, none. It has a tired, demoralized bullpen with no certain closer. It has no set outfield and nobody hitting over .300. (They rank 20th in batting average.) Aside from 3B and RF, the fielding is lackluster. The team is injury-prone. It has absolutely no speed - ranks 23rd in stolen bases- and little ability to manufacture runs. It cannot bunt. Its players hit solo HRs, hit into way too many DPs, and they have fanned more than 800 times. (Ranks 13th.) It's managed by a good-hearted schlubb who is caught in a vice between overpaid celebrity stars and a front office paralyzed by deep-dive analytics. 

This week, we hear commonly that with a few trades, all these problems will vanish.

Dear God...

Supposedly, the Yankees have put out a bid for Colorado's Trevor Story. Surely, the 28-year-old SS is a fine person, and he will make a lot of money when he files for free agency this winter. But not as much as he would have made last winter. Story is 
hitting .240 - only six points below the SS he'd replace, our own 24-year-old Gleyber Torres. The Yankees might move him to CF (after trading Estevan Florial?) Just what we need - another right-handed outfielder, learning a new position. (Oh, and did I mention those underwhelming stats come at Coors Field?)

Miami's Sterling Marte surely would help. He'll turn 33 in October, when he files for free agency. He's a former all-star! (Note: 2016.) He's hitting .303 with 7 HRs. You know what they say: A team cannot have too many RH outfielders over age 32.  

Then there is Max Scherzer. Great pitcher. Future Hall of Famer. He would make Cory Kluber feel young - (Cory's only 35; Max is 37.) Scherzer would be our greatest career twilight addition since Randy Johnson. And although he missed a start recently - something didn't feel right - he's thrown 105 innings this season. If he becomes a Yankee, he'll be right behind Gerrit Cole (110 innings.) 

Joey Gallo? He's left-handed! Then again, he's also a HR/K hitter who bats .222. Do we need another 20 solo homers? The Rangers may be the worst team in baseball. He anchors that lineup. Does that mean anything? I dunno. Just sayin.'

The Yankees are touting a farm of one: Jasson Dominiquez, around whom they have built the most relentless minor league hype machine since the marketing of Michael Jordan. They spent $5 million to sign Dominiquez - he was 16 - and immediately began comparing him to Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout. They seem determined to get their money's worth in ink. They won't trade Dominiquez, but it almost feels as though everybody else in the system can go. After all, they've got Mickey Trout. 

Meanwhile, the Yankees have built a wonderful narrative: That the Yankee farm system so overflows with talent that players must be dealt, like a pressure cooker ready to blow. They have too many prospects. They don't know what to do with them. Strangely, this defies the consensus of system rankings, which generally puts them back in their normal zone of mediocrity -  around 20th.  It's worth noting that their system ranks behind all their opponents in the AL East, and that Toronto ranks 4th and Tampa is No. 1 in all of MLB. Somehow, the people campaigning to trade off Yankee prospects have overlooked this. 

Look, I realize the Yankee front office certainly knows more than I. Also, these trades are far more complicated my dim view of baseball allows. Still, I ask one question: Under what metric do the Yankees think trading prospects can overcome the issues that this current team faces? 

You know, we wonder sometimes why the Yankees - no longer an elite franchise - have been so bad in this millennium. Some suggest the stadium is cursed. Some say it's New York City, too much pressure. Some blame Food Stamps Hal, or Cooperstown Cashman, or the luxury taxes, or the demand of challenging every year. I'm starting to think it's the expanded wild card system, which allows a mediocre team, barely playing over .500, to think it's a tweak or two from a championship. 

I ask it again... Does anyone really believe this team can trade its way to a 2021 world series?  


Celerino Sanchez said...

This team needs to pull a page out the Red Sox playbook and try to find someone to take Chapman, Stanton and Britton. There is no need to get anything back just move on and reset. The Reset should include the removal of Cashman. When did the position of GM become a lifetime appointment? The RS have gone through 3 GMs and have won 4WS and may add a 5th this year with another 4th GM. The days of buying a WS are done and that's all Cashman can do.

JM said...

"I realize the Yankee front office certainly knows more than I."

I wouldn't bet on that. Even with DraftKings.

This team is managed by idiots.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I'm resigned to the fact that until Banana Smirch is gone, there's no hope for this team,,,,,,

ranger_lp said...

To all of those who were upset (including me) about the Park and Castillo to the Pirates trade, here's the reason...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for pointing me to that. It made sense until I read a comment by someone named dasit.

"70% ground rate + yankee infield = errors
95 mph sinker + gary sanchez = passed balls
more tyler wade + even more tyler wade = despair"


Because you know he's right. :)

Doug K.

ranger_lp said...

LOL Doug...

We've been dealing with Rule 5 bullshit for years because of the logjam at the major league level. I don't see it changing for the foreseeable future....

ZacharyA said...

Gallo is 2-30 (.067) with 0 HR, 2 BB, 16 K since the All Star break. So he's all ready to put on pinstripes.

Anonymous said...

@El Duque "It has no lefty slugger, none."

Forget sluggers, I would settle for a couple of decent lefty line drive hitters. You got to start somewhere.

The answer to the question is a most definite "NO". The playoff hopes were already dead over a month ago. This team needs a tear down in the worst way.

The Hammer of God

Dantes said...

If anyone wants to hear the season summed up perfectly Lagrecca blasted Boone:

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Re: Rule 5 bullstuff

Note that just because you lose a guy in the Rule 5 draft, HE IS NOT GONE FOREVER. Not necessarily.

Under that rule, if you make a Rule 5 pick off my roster, you must keep him on your 26-man major league roster. FOR THE FULL SEASON. At least, I think that's the rule.

Case in point: Nestor Cortez. Orioles took him. They played him in MLB in 2018. He started to stink up the joint (which isn't easy in Baltimore, is it?). SO: They didn't keep him around (they DFA'd him).

He reverted to the NYYs -- and they still have him (for better or for curse).

I admit to NOT knowing the "ins and outs" of this rule. But this is my simplistic understanding. Forgive me if I am incorrect.

Joe of AZ said...


Carl J. Weitz said...

The Yankees just signed my son after scouting his batting practice at Fenway yesterday. Maybe they would have signed me as well had I been inclined to be there by 9 AM.


Anonymous said...

Left-handed power hitter?
How about giving me Celerino's OF of his banner year of 1972;
Roy White (SW), Bobby Murcer(L) and truly underrated, Johnny Callison(L).

That OF, at their ages in '72, would propel this team into playoffs .
For those in shock cuz we would lose Judge, just look at Murcer's stats from that year.
I came of age with Murcer being my favorite Yankee after Mickey retired.
Whenever anyone talks about the Boss, I do generally know what he did for the franchise, but I can't forgive him for trading Bobby.

One of the most underrated players of all time

The Archangel

13bit said...

If they have that much talent in the farm system, they don't need to make trades.


Fuck you, Brian.

DickAllen said...

The scary part are the current standings: the Yankees are 3.5 games out of the wild card and you can be rest assured that they are thinking “we are so close to the playoffs where anything can happen. So let’s go for it. Sell the farm. The one game playoff will put a ton of cash in our pockets and that will guarantee our profitability for the year. So, fuck everything else. Especially the suckers who call themselves fans.”

Game on suckers. You know how this plays out, don’t you?

Der Kaiser said...

It is certainly a problem that the 40-man roster jam always causes the Yankees to lose multiple prospects in the Rule 5 draft. How they manage to do this, year in and year out, while continuing to boast a mediocre farm system, is astounding.

I appreciate that Cashman is being a little proactive for once and trying to at least get SOME value back for these players.

But the real solution is to carry less deadweight at the major league level, and give promising young players a chance. I'm hoping against hope that this is the last gut-punch of a transaction before the trade deadline.

ZacharyA said...

The Yankees aren't 3.5 games out of a wild card spot.

The Yankees are 3.5 games out of THE SECOND wild card spot.

Important distinction.

If the Yankees sell the farm to bring in help, they're going all in just to have a chance to play a single do-or-die game at Fenway Park or Tropicana Field. And if you think they're winning a big game this year at one of those parks, I have a bridge to sell you.

TheWinWarblist said...

The Master and Suzyn just said that Garner has played the most games in the outfield this year of any Yankee. I don't know how to express my anger and disgust at the front office.

ranger_lp said...

We’re gonna blow this lead too…fuck Cashman.

Wezil1 said...

Mean Chad costing the team for some reason. Hanging them curves….

Rufus T. Firefly said...


You need to work on "launch angle".

That is, the force that will get you out of bed before 9.

BernBabyBern said...

We might as well bring back Nick Swisher and put him in the bullpen.

JM said...

That commercial with Judge and Stanton was prescient. The only pitching Stanton might hit is Little League.

JM said...

Thank God for Allen.

Captain Crapshoot one out away.

JM said...

Jesus Christ, why is he throwing off speed shit? His fastball is great. Wtf?

ranger_lp said...


TheWinWarblist said...

It doesn't matter. Nothing matters.

Fuck the entire front office with the dead thawed head of Ted Williams.

Oasisdave said...

No they can't and they'll waste the farm trying to do so. Thing is they know we can't but Hal and Coop know most are dumb enough to buy into it and don't know squat about the importance of the farm system

Anonymous said...

This team is so dull that it isn't even fun to see them lose anymore.

Kevin said...

7/28/21 12:40.... Yankees trade Justin Wilson and Luis Cessa to the Reds for PTBNL. What could they be up to?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, unless you are living in Hawaii, get some sleep man!
Posting about Justin Wilson at 3:44 AM is just not healthy

Your Concern Archangel

Doctor T said...

If trading your way to a pennant means trading away a good pitcher from a tired, damaged bullpen for a player to be named later, then, yeah, sure......... I'll buy the confetti for the Canyon of Heroes parade.

If trading 2 prospects who are playing very well for a unimpressive 'innings eater' is the path to a WS ring, then yeah, whatever.......... drinks on me.

But if this becomes a mad talent dump at fire sale prices for 3 month rentals, then I suggest the Yankees are not trying to save the season. They are trying to save front office jobs. I say keep the talent. Get rid of the clowns in the front office who created this team, failed to teach prospects the WHOLE GAME and let a bunch of geeks take over baseball decision-making, and get some REAL baseball professionals to run this team.

And that's the part of the team that needs to go first.