Monday, July 26, 2021

The Hangover

After the " no -hitter" became the 5-4 loss, I started drinking again.

I only just woke up, after 23 hours in the sack ( so I am reminded ).  My head hurts and I have

 the " whirlies." The thought of gin sickens me.

It' s like my college years.

So I have made a decision.  Some months ago ( maybe a year ) I stopped watching and reading the news.  Everything was demoralizing and sickening ( literally ). 

Now, I have added the yankees to that list.  They have become irrelevant and consistently disappointing.  I was born ( due to being a judge in a former life ) with a strong sense/need for justice and responsibility.

The Yankees are the primary case in all the world of " lack of accountability." 

 Giancarlo Stanton can strike out every time with bases loaded and two out, and he still hits 2, 3 4 or 5.  He still gets his $30 million for year.  He still sits on the bench and eats seeds. He is never even criticized except by the fans. 

Sit on the bench, claim an injury, go to bars and get still get coddled.  You still get paid. 

Boone can mismanage any situation, yet his GM defends him like he is from the right hand of Jesus of Nazareth.  Everyone knows he is awful at his job.  He is paid to be a facilitator.  And to appear concerned at post game press conferences. 

The owner of this failed franchise is a billionaire, whose assets grow as his dis-interest expands.  Nothing matters and no one pays a price.  This pattern is not just today.  It has been so since  2009.

Mediocrity reigns.  And I won't wear my Yankee hat in SoCal.

So I am turning to soccer and to the Olympics. 

The USMNT is re-building and looking like an exciting bunch of hungry dudes in the recent Gold Cup competition. And many of these players are considered only the "B" team.  The USWNT are in the Olympics.  Favored, struggling, but still in the hunt. 

The Olympics are a better watch than a Yankee game.  Even the air rifle competition is more exciting than Yankee collapses or " stolen" success. 

Soon,  football begins in earnest.  And life returns..

And we can watch Boston play in the World Series. 

Consider me gone. 


Anonymous said...

There's got to be a happy medium b/w the whirlwind circus soap opera that was King George and the dismal incompetent status quo that is Prince Hal. Yes, there is no accountability here. Every contract has to run its course and reach expiration. And even then, most of them are re-newed!

It's got me thinking that not even Hal can be this stupid. Like the Paul Newman movie Slapshot, there's got to be something that we fans don't know about. Maybe Hal is using the ball club as a tax shelter. Maybe he wants to make only a slim profit from the Yankees because he is making too much money from other ventures. When you have very rich people, their finances can get very complicated. Their goals can easily become tax driven, not championship driven.

The Hammer of God

Anonymous said...

Hal is Mother Carlson, The Yankees are WKRP.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Well said, Alphonso!

Carl J. Weitz said...

Hammer... I can almost guarantee that Randy Levine, Lon Trost and probably a few more members of the Yankees Bloated Front Office have the goods on Hal involving some accounting or financial shenanigans which would put him in jail for fraud. Not unlike some famous recent politician.
Or they have pictures of him with an underage girl or boy in bed. That's how they keep their jobs.

Wezil1 said...

All that city money and the new stadium project - I can’t imagine financial malfeasance…..
Alphonso- this is a really dark post you made. Sadly, it rings all too true. For some of us it is hard to be ZEN about the Yankees and we brood without ceasing. This front office is simply indifferent to the traditions we grew up with as Yankee fans. They are not alone in damaging the sport either. MLB pretty much treats the game like Jeffrey Epstein treated the latest arrivals to his island.

Anonymous said...

See J Dub for the win! Rock on and keep the truth a-flowing! Thank you!