Thursday, July 29, 2021

Comment of the Day...

"We got Gallo, not the left hander we wanted, but the one we deserve."

- Dantes - 


JM said...

Gardner just dropped a ball at the LF wall. Right in his mitt, bounced off, 2 runs.

6-0 now. If we had a shot at the Rays' bullpen, that pretty much killed it.

But ya know, he bats leftie, so he's important to have in the lineup. Hits .190, but he's important.

JM said...

Gardner should be let go. Stanton should be let go, eat the money. He's not worth clogging up the batting order, in any spot.

These are things that should happen, but won't. Of course.

Anonymous said...

Guess today's game is payback for first two games of the series. Ugly.

JM said...

Somehow, I can't see us coming up with 10 runs in the last three innings.

Why is Abreu ever brought up from the minors? He's pretty consistently awful. We got rid of Nelson and Kriske (we did, right?). Abreu is just as bad.

JM said...

My time with this game is done.

We can now look forward to Clank in LF in Miami. Because, you know, a guy who can't hit anymore is important to have in the lineup when there's no DH.

Wonder how many games we'll see Gardy.

Anonymous said...

Today may have killed whatever hopes Cole still had for Cy Young. And now Abreu gets his turn as human sacrifice for the greater good of preserving the bullpen.

Anonymous Bosch said...

Ya know, this is almost worth watching so you can tell the grandkids you witnessed the ritual public suicide of the once-mighty Yankees.

Anonymous said...

Big milestone: The team now has a negative run-differential on the year.

Carl J. Weitz said...

"Abreu is untouchable"....yeah in a Yankee trade but not by MLB hitters.
0.0 IP 3 HR
No wonder we won't consider trading him. He's another Cashman "power arm".
And so it goes.

ZacharyA said...

Abreu entered the game with 1.88 ERA on the season.

Now has a 5.65 ERA.

Unsustainable BABIP said...

Can Gallo pitch?

Anonymous Bosch said...


Drive Sober Or
Get Pulled Over

TheWinWarblist said...


Fuck each and every body. Salt the earth.

I love you all.

ZacharyA said...

Since the All Star Break:

Giancarlo Stanton
8-46 (.174) with 1 HR, 4 RBI, 7 BB/21 K

Joey Gallo
3-34 (.088) with 1 HR, 3 RBI, 2 BB/17 K

Anonymous said...

Cashman is insane. He covets .200 hitters the way some people covet Honus Wagner's original baseball card. So how does the Yankee lineup of regulars stack up right now? Let's see: the disintegrating Gardner; Odor; Sanchez; and now Gallo. Sure batting average is a junk, outmoded stat, and a few of these guys will pop an occasional homerun to ease the sting of all the strikeouts. But not one of them would have even sniffed the starting squad on the Yankees of the late 1970s or late 1990s. Nevertheless, Cashman hoards this rusted junk like rare precious metals, unable to part with the trash already on hand (Gardner) and zealously snapping up any that happens to float by; he's become the Texas Rangers' official trash collector. Now you can kiss good-bye to any future for Allen, Florial, Andujar, or Frazier (not to mention the prospects surrendered in this latest folly)--to make way for one of Cashman's prized collectible turds.

This team is not going to compete for anything but the brass ring of MAYBE finishing a game or two over .500, if everything goes right--which it won't.

And how's that 129-pitch outing for Cole looking right now, Boonie?

Here's the final word on this trade, courtesy of the ever-unlistenable Michael Kay, forgetting that he's doing TV, not radio: "SWING and a miss!"

TIme to move on. When will you be shutting down this blog, duque?

Anonymous said...

Cheer up everyone

Ender Incaiarte has been released.
LH OF who will only be paid MLB minimum when Cashy Bear scoops him up.
Fits payroll perfectly. Hal will get a woody and go tell his soccer buddies
.215 average and a 24.7 % K rate.

He can play patty cake with Odor.

It will be "Ender Bobblehead Day" to the last 10,000 fans who attend the last game of the year.
There could be a never Ender amount of frivolity on this blog.
Give Gallo back


The Ender Loving Archangel

13bit said...

Today's game brought to you courtesy of Brian Cashman's hand-picked team.

It's not like 20 years ago, Brian, when you got to grab a lot of glory for Stick and Bob's team.

You own this mess.

ranger_lp said...

Abreu is another overrated player touted by the Yankees. Now we're hoping that Kluber and Severino come back to make the playoffs. We all need to pack it in...

13bit said...

The playoffs?


Scottish Yankee fan said...

Jack Curry
The Yankees are moving closer to acquiring Anthony Rizzo from the Cubs. #yankees

13bit said...

Bozo is driving the clown car with these trades.

It's Cash's world and we're just living in it.

Fuck it all. We're doomed.

Scottish Yankee fan said...

Jack Curry
· 2m
The Yankees are trading Alcantara and Vizcaino for Rizzo. The Cubs are picking up all of Rizzo’s remaining salary.

Anonymous said...

Another Italian on the team?

Holy Joe Pepitone.

My Grandpa must be pulling some strings from upstairs.

The Angelo Dell'arco

Anonymous said...

What!!. Two super good young prospects for a 32-year old rental!! [I know that they are a long way from MLB. I get that]
Hasn't anyone in this fucking operation learned anything in the last 15 years.
Money paid by Cubs. Hal got another woody.
Another money driven deal.



The Disturbed Archangel

TheWinWarblist said...

The trade deadline.

Dantes said...

And now we get Rizzo, who i think will play really well for the next two months courtesy of the short porch and play it into a big contract from some other team next year while the Yankees grab some
Even older retread to play first. I look forward to drinking heavily opening day 2022 as Pujols limps put to first in a Yankee uniform

ranger_lp said...

Sounds like they are going to move Luke Voit next....

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

He's a free agent next year. A lot to pay for a short-term rental. Would make sense if the pitching had become "lights out" -- but it ain't. Would work (maybe) if the bullpen could successfully end a game -- but it can't.

I'm fairly certain Rizzo can become a Cub (or join any other team) in 2022.

Also, the notes on his contract claim that it calls for him to get "hotel suite on the road.'

13bit said...

Kill me now. La plus qui change…

Oasisdave said...

Well, we all should have Hal and Coop would do this to the farm system. Maybe, hopefully they play even worse than they have this far and we will be rid of Cashman

Joe of AZ said...

We're fuckin doomed

Kevin said...

Abreu is now "overrated"??? By who? Some of you guys really need to lay off the wood alcohol.

Anonymous said...

And you need to lay off the kiddie porn. Tell us the one again about how Hoy Park could have been claimed by any team. That's one of my favorite Kevin stupidities!

EDB said...

A typical Yankee. Loads of strikeouts. Even worse, very poor at getting runners in from third and less than two outs. The Yankees have master this. He does play all three outfield positions, first and third to be fair.