Thursday, July 15, 2021

There is little to say about the Yankees, other than it's gotten late quite early

Tonight, the Yankees host Boston with the season on the line.

They'll play the Redsocks again tomorrow night, season also on the line.

They'll take on Boston Saturday and Sunday nights, do or die.

It's that simple. Frankly, there is nothing else to say. I suppose you could argue that it's still July, and there's still time to win 20 straight and win the wild card - the usual the fallback blather. Don't buy into it. This is not July. It is September. This weekend will decide the fate of the 2021 Yankees. 

The Death Barge currently sits seven games behind Boston in the loss column, six behind Tampa, and one behind Toronto. Without an immediate surge, the AL East looks basically unwinnable.  

In the race for the second wild card birth, the Yankees are three losses behind Oakland, one loss behind both Toronto and Cleveland, and tied with Seattle. The trouble here is not the loss column, but the number of ascending teams we must leapfrog to get there. 

This weekend brings five scenarios: 

If we sweep Boston, we gain ground on the wild card and vault back into the division race. 

If we win three, we declare a moral victory (channeling Rudy Giuliani), kick the Redsocks in the nuts, and get another shot next week in Fenway.

If we split - 2-2 - frankly, this could be a worst-case scenario. It provides no insight into how the Yankees should view the Aug. 1 trade deadline.

If we go 1-3, boos will rain from the stadium rafters, and Brian Cashman will need to do something, anything - such as jolt the roster with promotions from Scranton. The division race will disappear from view.

And if the Yankees are swept, holy shit, this season will be cooked on a skewer. Talk radio will explode, the tabs will want blood, and certain players will face relentless booing. This blog will declare thermonuclear war. Cashman will face enormous pressure to press reboot, admit that his plans have failed, that the Yankee talent curve crested in 2019 - and start the process of trading off whatever veterans that actual contenders might want. It could be the ugliest Yankee second-half since 2013, the year of Youk, Pronk and Vernon Wells. 

All that talk about it being only July? Don't you believe it. It's September, folks. The leaves are about to turn.


Anonymous said...

Nester may have to be Leonidas at Thermopyle.

Only 299 Spartans to go.

Sox called up their left-handed 22 yr. old OF for today.
We called up?

the Greek Loving Archangel

JM said...

We have eight games with Boston in the next week and a half.

We win six, we done good. Anything less than that, fuhgeddaboutit.

DickAllen said...

And in other news, the Daily Murdoch reported:

"‘High-end’ Yankees pick Brendan Beck expected to be fast riser"

In the article, it mentions another fast riser, a fellow named Clarke Schmidt.

I post this without comment.

13bit said...

I respectfully dispute whether, indeed, "the season is on the line."

The season has been in the toilet for a long time. The question now is when someone is going to push the "flush" lever.

Yes, we could "pull it out" and get a wild card spot. Hell, we might even do better, although I would not bet money on it. As the Master says, "You can't predict baseball."

That being said, even if we did get into the "everyone gets a prize for showing up" playoffs, how far could we go? Yes, "anything can happen in a three game series." True.

And yes, the system does not always reward the best time - one of the great joys of baseball. "It depends on who goes into it on a hot streak." Yes yes yes yes and yes.

But do you really see this bunch of hollow-hearted weiners, led by wooden-headed knucklehead, himself controlled by a jackass in a Spiderman suit who is answerable only to an oblivious yacht club douchebag WHO DOES NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS - can you really see them putting up a fight against a good team that plays fundamentals baseball?

Can you see me going for an even longer run-on sentence? I didn't think so.

Don't let a few little happy moments go to your heads. I'm not saying to focus on the bad - although there's a lot of bad to go around - but does anyone here REALLY have that feeling that we used to have during the last dynasty? You know, the feeling that you were in a big Lincoln limo with a bunch of guys who were loaded with guns, bats and knives and were cruising around town looking for trouble? Those guys are gone. We are now with the idiot crew.

I am sure the Boston fans read this blog and must delight in our misery. Bravo and Brava to you! This is your time in the sun. It may end one day, just as ours ended, right after King George died and left the helm of the ship to his idiot son and the idiot manager.

I must go deal with some gravel in my urinary tract. Fuck everybody. I love you all.

TheWinWarblist said...

Bitty completes me. ❤️

HoraceClarke66 said...

Loved that run-on sentence, Bitty! But how can Boone be a knucklehead AND wooden headed?


He's using wooden knuckles!

Which would be about our style.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Feel better Bitty, and a speedy recovery my friend!
And your run on sentence was FUCKING SUPERB, kinda says it all for me,,,,

Dantes said...

We called up our 26 yr old OF that’s been hitting everything in sight

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