Saturday, July 17, 2021

HoraceClarke66: In case you need more proof that Hal Steinbrenner doesn’t give a damn.

From the Situation Room of HoraceClarke66...

 Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. WAIT.

 The Yankees-Red Sox series this weekend—the decisive series of the season for your New York Yankees—is going ahead as planned? With one-quarter of the Yankees’ roster, including their best player, banned from playing?

 We are old here. But we are not so old that we cannot remember what happened a-way back in April. 

 When the New York Mets had their entire, opening series against the Washington Nationals canceled because of positive Covid tests. I forget which team had the Covid—but it didn’t matter. MLB was cool with it:

 ‘Hey, make ’em up when you can, it’s a long season, no harm no foul.’

 But now, it’s imperative that the Yankees play with six men out due to Covid, including Aaron Judge? 

EVEN THOUGH, as the New York Times reports, the Boston Red Sox have one of the lowest vaccination rates in baseball.

So…our guys get vaccinated, somehow get infected with the Delta Dawn variant anyway, and they can’t play? Out of fear that they will pass it on to…unvaccinated, irresponsible blockheads like the Red Sox?

I can’t say I’m truly outraged. This is such a badly constructed Yankees team, such an ongoing shitshow, dumpster fire, Hidenburg of a season, that it probably won’t make a damned bit of difference.

 But if this were the other way around, Boston fans would’ve burned Yankee Stadium down by now in protest.

 And yet, is there a peep of protest from Brian “Lucky” Cashman? No, of course not! The plague has provided Lucky with the perfect alibi for his wretched job this season.

 Is there a peep from Hal Steinbrenner, putative owner of the New York Yankees?

 No, there is not. Because he does not care.

 Hal’s father, George the Mad King, was a son-of-a-bitch. He was a mean-spirited, bullying lout, who didn’t know a damned thing about baseball. Old George drove at least two businesses into the ground, and he would’ve done the same to the New York Yankees had he not been miraculously saved, on at least two occasions, by underlings he then fired or drove out of the Bronx as soon as he could.

 But George Steinbrenner was at least willing to stick up for himself and his team. King George would have responded to this outrage with fire and brimstone, lawyers, guns, and money. 

 Prince Hal is an empty suit. He doesn't give a damn, and it shows.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought George was going to kill Bowie Kuhn when he nixed the Joe Rudi deal.

Now, all in all, we are just bricks in the wall.

The Lego Archangel

13bit said...

Yes, it has been clear that Hal does not care for a long time. At first, we were in denial. How could that POSSIBLY be? I mean, if you were lucky enough to be snatched from the trillions of molecules in the universe and GIVEN the NEW YORK FUCKING YANKEES, how could you not be anything but happy and grateful? How could you NOT care?

Well, massive massive massive daddy issues seem to trump what should be unlimited joy. Hal HATES THE YANKEES. HE HATES US. AND HE HATES BASEBALL. He's only in it for the money. It's like being an ethical vegan and inheriting an insanely profitable pig farm. Just hold your nose and collect the money.

Hal does not care. Is there a sadder thing you can say about a sports team owner?
Brian is a moron. Is there a worse thing you can say about a GM?
Booney is a dimwit. Need I say more?

Alphonso said...

We did not need any further proof of Hal's indifference. In fact, I believe it goes all the way to dislike.

As for Brian...he is simply a greedy mole who knows he can do no wrong. Results notwithstanding.

So he takes the generous paycheck, and adoring ( paid for ) media coverage...and pretends that he is knowledgeable, and that he cares.

But if you take a close look at his lifestyle, you know what he is really doing.

Most would do the same.

Only a lucky few can get way with it.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with all of you guys.

The saddest, most disappointing thing of all that is happening is that Prince Hal doesn't give a flying ca-hoot. There's no hope unless he sells the club.

Amazon almost came to NYC with its second headquarters but ended up getting the middle finger. But there could be another way for amazon to make it here. Let's pray that Jeff Bezos makes an offer that Hal simply can't refuse. Bezos certainly has the money for it. Jeff Bezos: are you listening? Stop riding rockets and make an offer to buy the NYY!

The Hammer of God

JM said...

Brain is playing 4D chess, muchachos. He giggled at going ahead with this weekend's games because he knows losing all of them practically guarantees a sell-a-thon in the next couple of weeks. Without fans all bemoaning that we're having a sell-a-thon. In fact, they'd be all for it!

See how it works?

Such a clever evil genius.

Kevin said...

What we have to sell would be bring back a few single A players who might become something in five years. I really don't see the point in that. Let them play and feel the burn. Maybe next year they will take things a bit more seriously, because a big part of the roster read the preseason writeups of WS glory. And let Boone suffer with them, the strunzo.

Anonymous said...

@JM Put the case that Brain hired a master spreader to purposefully infect the team. Now that would be evil genius, indeed!

The Hammer of God

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