Friday, July 16, 2021

Exciting news on Yankee trade front!

Wow! Our prayers may be answered! 

Brian Cashman might bundle up a few nobodies and trade for Cole Hamels, who gave us so much trouble in the 2009 World Series. Remember how tough he was? He could be a Yankee!

Criminy, he's only 37. I can't figure why the Phillies would trade him. But if we could, say, jettison a few prospects - our farm system has so many, we gotta get rid of some; they're like jackrabbits - he could shore up our rotation in the playoffs!


13bit said...

We are mere mortals.
We do not know how to play 4D chess.
We are not Brainiac Brian.
We know nothing.
Our lot in life is to obey.
We are lucky that Hal deigns to share his team with us.
We should be grateful.

Anonymous said...

We need another old guy in our rotation like we need another virus outbreak in the clubhouse.

The Hammer of God

ZacharyA said...

Tigers DFAed Nomar Mazara, who is hitting .219/.285/.309 (.594 OPS) over the last two years. He's also a poor fielder and baserunner.

But he's lefty and CHEAP so I assume we're working out a deal as I type.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Why is Gardner still in the starting lineup? Against a leftie no less.

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