Saturday, July 17, 2021

Who says Giancarlo can’t make adjustments?

From the mind of HoraceClarke66. 

It has been noted recently that Giancarlo “Mr. Millstone” Stanton seems to be cutting down on his strikeouts these days. He has a mere 83 Ks in 70 games this season, which projects to a season total of 168—provided he can play all remaining 72 games.

(Spoiler alert:  he won’t.)


But unnoticed by many, is Giancarlo’s newfound ability to…bounce into double-plays!


He has 13 on the season thus far, and is thus on schedule to end up with about 26. AND…as Stanton now has 15 homers, it’s entirely possible he could end up with more DPs than homers.


Hey, it happens. Even such Yankees greats as Jorge Posada, Paulie O’Neill, and, yes, Joe DiMaggio, in his last, injury-ridden year, have had seasons in which their GIDPs exceeded their HRs.


But of course, all those past stars more than made up for it with their many years of marvelous play in the field as well as at bat, and the many championships they led our New York Yankees to.


Surely, Giancarlo Stanton will reward us in the same way.




DickAllen said...

I can't believe my ears: those two motherfuckers on Fox just compared Nathan Eovaldi to Nolan Ryan.

TheWinWarblist said...

Compared him as to say Eovaldi is not the least bit like Ryan?

HoraceClarke66 said...

The Mets tonight had an Aroldis moment.


Leinstery said...

Thank God the Yanks didn't have the option to go to Chapman tonight. Only took them 8 tries but they finally got a win.

Anonymous said...

The two key questions: can the Yankees beat the Red Sox--beat anyone--without an intervention from Doppler radar, and does anyone care?

Anonymous said...

Poor Tim Locastro.
An Upstate kid goes down.
With a torn ACL, his career may be over.
He will take a year to get healthy.
Maybe next August he's back, but maybe not.
Then, who will want a 30-31-yr. old fringe player in 2023?
We bust balls a lot here, but I really feel bad for him.
He's a non-egotistical player who wanted to be a Yankee. [my son played against him back in his college days and said he was a nice guy.]

The Archangel

Anonymous said...

All morality aside,
can we sign that guy who hit Verdugo?
He has better command and control than Chappie

The Non-Repentant Archangel

HoraceClarke66 said...

Locastro hustled and seemed to get the most out of his talent. Really a shame.

Anonymous said...

We made Eovaldi look a lot like Nolan Ryan, and it ain't the first time. I think Eovaldi really has turned into a very good pitcher. After he blew out his elbow and had surgery, I kind of wanted him resigned by the Yankees. (Because he was moving in the right direction before the injury.) But the supreme Cashman talent of one step forward/two steps back reared its ugly head again, he let Eovaldi walk away, and the Red Sux snared him. Eovaldi hasn't looked back since. I guess if we'd hung onto him, he never would've become this good. He probably thinks that leaving the Yankees was the best thing that ever happened to him.

BTW, who is this guy Greg Allen? Didn't know he was a switch hitter. For once, we took advantage of a lefty-righty matchup and got a big hit, broke up the no-hitter, ended up breaking up the shutout. The close up of Eovaldi's face after Allen got the double was classic shellshock. As in "how the hell did that guy get a hold of my fastball? ("I thought the Yankees couldn't touch my fastball.") Someone should clip that video and put it on Cashman's desk with a note, hey dufus, lefty-righty matchups do matter.

P.S. And I don't want to hear about small sample size. If it wasn't for Allen, I think Eovaldi pitches 7 or 8 innings, and we lose that game 1-0 when the rain comes.

The Hammer of God

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