Monday, July 5, 2021

The Torture Lingers...

Duque's right on about the Abyss.

So the Yankees continue to rip out all that is decent within us.

In a world where it is impossible to lose a double header ( the 7 inning Little League " match-ups),  even the Yankees couldn't pull it off.

But for the fans (and the Yankee brand) to have any future, we needed to lose that second game.  It was the crucial game of the season.

In losing, everyone would have to acknowledge that there is no hope.  That re-building was needed at every level.    

But winning fogged the mirror, once again.

So Chad Green is now my enemy.  

He was better than I have ever seen him.  Nine straight outs, most of them swinging at air.  Not a threat, not a waffle of confidence. The Mets had no prayer.  No one did. The Yankees were going to win the game they needed to lose.  

I bet even half the Yankees understood that. 

But Green's effort allows them to, once again, pretend that they are a good team.  A team capable of winning it all.  "A hot streak away.  The guys in that room, etc. "

Green allows them to build on the lie, and enjoy the flight. 

 Green gave them energy to take on and beat the Mariners.

If they somehow go 6-4 on the coast, we fans might as well jump into that Abyss, because it means the Yankees will trade young talent for lug nuts in 10 days. 

 Say goodby to all the AAA stars you have been following. " It's Okay," they'll say, "we still have the new Mickey Mantle." 

And, later, when they lose the wild-card game, Boone and Cashman will both be saying, " we are on the way back. We'll prime for the championship in 2022."

 Chad Green dashed all our hopes.  For no fucking reason, because the truth is different from the lie. 

But now the lie endures.  It comes back to the surface.  It dominates. 

So for us, the torture remains endless. Win just enough to fail.  Again and again. Remain old, slow and dull.

Chad Green. 


Anonymous said...

Chad Green pulled a Sisyphus. Figures that he would pitch perfectly in that situation.

And after all the good at-bats against Gerrit Cole, it figures that the Mutts would flail against Chad Green. Mets fans shouldn't get their hopes up, beating the woeful Yankees 2 out of 3 doesn't mean anything. That they couldn't complete the sweep is a strong indication that they aren't for real this year either.

The Hammer of God

13bit said...

“Of all men’s miseries the bitterest is this: to know so much and to have control over nothing.”

~ Herodotus

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I was hoping to read that bonehead and brainless were fired. I'll go back to what I was doing.

13bit said...

which bonehead and which brainless? there are many to choose from?

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Boone and The Brain, gawd I loathe all of the company men associated with this abysmal team!

Wezil1 said...

like my Apple Watch says: Take a minute to breathe…….
I hate that. But it shows up all the time for no good reason.
This blog is a breath of fresh air in a tortured time- and I do not mean just about the Yankees. The team may just be a reflection of the world we live in. Especially the officious self regarding front office, out of touch and indifferent ownership, and what looks like incompetence tolerated on every level. The Yankee official website may as well be an alternate reality.
But this blog has people posting on it who will have none of it and write what they think. Thank you for keeping this going! It is a dark time for our team- but I read this blog for truthful (and sometimes opinionated) appraisals after every game.
As great as baseball is, I have to wonder if this is the last generation who saw it played more or less the way the game was designed- before Manfred Mann started tinkering with ghost-runners and 7 inning double headers.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

That's beautifully written Wezil1, and I agree 10000000%, This site has become my favorite aspect of the entire Yankees Universe, it's filled with the funniest & most gloriously astute of merry pranksters, with diverse/ brilliant takes on the sport, ALL UNITED in the damnation of Cashman and Hal,,,,, friends, bless you all!

TheWinWarblist said...

I could hug you Wezil. And you too Ken. Please don't be jealous bitty. Are not they too worthy of affection and a smooth reach-around??

EDB said...

The Torture lingers because of the morons who run the Yankees. Read Joel Sherman's article in The Post on July 5th, entitled "Analytics Boss Answers All.: The Yankees hired Mike Fishman on 2005. Joel Sherman sat down with him for forty minutes. Sherman asked Fishman if you could name a situation where Analytics did not carry the day and Scouting did, Fishman was silent for ten seconds. Fishman said "I would say league wise that there is a growing influence in analytics." He mentioned teams that are having success. Does this sound familiar? Sure it does, just listen To Genius Cashman and Clueless Hal. This is like a criminal telling the judge that there are many shootings. It is not working for the Yankees. Scouts are saying that the breakdown of analytics to scouting is 90 to one. Hal says otherwise. A lie. Scouts have also said that the Yankees don't stress defense in the minors. They do not stress making contact or running the bases properly. The Yankees believe that hitting two home runs in a game, will result in 60% of wins.

Let's look at Genius Cashman, the executive of the century, according to many. Yes he has made some good moves. His mistakes have greatly overshadowed his poor moves. He is the author of the worst Yankee signing of all time, Kei Igawa. He actually hired a firm to scout Igawa and not his own. We all know how that worked out. He also hired a conditioning coach how did not stress stretching. That resulted in many hamstring pulls. But let's move to the present. An analytics pitching coach, that has worked out well. An analytics training coach. I coached High School Baseball in New York for over twenty years. Analytics has little to do with strength and training.

There is no minor league system at Scranton regardless of what The Yankees tell you. Take a look. Ex major leaguers and late twenties prospects. Prospects in their late twenties are often not that good. Higoshioka was twenty nine when he came up to the Yankees. Good power, a so so arm.

The Yankees are a slow, unathletic, team waiting for the homerun. But according to Hal, "Cash and I have been in this for a long time." We all know how that has worked out. Eleven years and no World Series appearances. 1.2 Billion spent by Clueless Hal.

So what can we do as Yankees fans, ED? Do not go to the games. I have been a full season ticket holder for fifteen years. My wife and I have opted out. This team is a disgrace owned and run by a clueless putz along with a GM whom is highly overrated. Don't go to games. Unfortunately Hal won't sell the team. The GM, Manager and Coaching Staff need to go.

Anonymous said...

As myself and my college roommates used to say in a much more ill-temperate and less enlighten time;

"Get a horse, find a tree, get a rope."


"Hang 'em high"

The Mob-Mentality Archangel

Anonymous said...

@EDB "Scouts have also said that the Yankees don't stress defense in the minors. They do not stress making contact or running the bases properly. The Yankees believe that hitting two home runs in a game, will result in 60% of wins."

Thanks for posting that EDB. This would explain pretty much everything that is going wrong here. The decision-making morons on this club are concentrating on only one aspect of the game, hitting home runs, and ignoring everything else. It results in a team that is too narrowly focused, not enough versatility. On WFAN, they were saying that the team lacks "well rounded players". There is a term for something like this: idiot savant. Someone who's great at doing one thing, at the cost of everything else. It could result in a fairly successful, 100 win regular season, if you beat up on the Baltimores and Detroits.

But it makes winning in the playoffs virtually impossible. You're not hitting 3 or 4 home runs a game against playoff pitching. Even if there's one game that you do break through and hit homers, in a decisive game against the best pitching, you get shut down.

And I'm so tired of hearing the excuses that the media or fanboys make for Cashman & Co. Like the truisms that "good pitching stops good hitting" and that "the playoffs are a crap shoot". All certainly true, but they're not the reasons that this team gets bounced out of the playoffs all the time. Because we didn't have "good hitting" to begin with, and the "crap shoot" was already loaded against us before we ever tossed the dice. You can't complain that you had bad luck when you were willingly playing with odds stacked against you in the first place. That's bull shit.

The Hammer of God

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