Friday, July 23, 2021

Thank God....

 ....Boone saved Chappy for tonight, when we'll be down seven runs.

....that someone publicly insulted the Rays by saying they, " just acquired their Stanton ( Cruz )."

....that Gleyber only gets a few ground balls per game.

....that July 31 can't come soon enough.

I just want to remind everyone that this team was always destined, at best, to the play-in game of the wild card episode. 

( Despite the lies from Yankee central that " this team is built for winning the World Series.")

Lying is a sin.

God said so.

Ask the fucking painting. 


Anonymous said...

Boone is starting Gardner in CF tonight and benching Florial. Does anyone really think that RIGHT NOW, TODAY, Gardner is a better all-around player than Florial against ANY kind of pitching? This insistence on wedging Gardner into the lineup is symptomatic of the stupidity that is costing the Yankees any chance at a postseason spot--and this will hold true even if Gardner happens to have a good night tonight.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, if Cashman had been halfway intelligent and got rid of Gardner, or at least ordered Boone to store Gardner on the bench, and put the young players on the roster from the beginning, then maybe this team might have contended for the playoffs and for the division. It's too late now; this season is shot to hell.

The amazing thing is that Gardner will probably be back again for next year. Wow, I thought they were in love with Stephen Drew when he was here. That love affair was nothing compared to this.

Whether you look at the stats or just watch Gardner play, it was painfully obvious from the early part of the season, and even last year, that Gardner was no longer a major league player. He can't get around on the fastball. He was never really a good hitter anyway, but now, he looks absolutely helpless in most of his at-bats. His defense has been getting worse month by month, week by week.

Why would you play a guy everyday who is obviously in the twilight of his career? Is this team going to win the World Series because of Brett Gardner? It's so stupid that I can't even believe this is happening.

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