Saturday, April 2, 2011


That's John's concise, excellent, apparently-not-at-all-Broadway-related home run call for Russell Martin!

UPDATE: Now John is porn-talkin' about something called The Vaseline Men Keep-Your-Grip Challenge. He is having an incredible day.


Carlos Siiiilva said...

I feel a bit underwhelmed by this call. Maybe my expectations are too high.

Stang said...

It's a pretty big upgrade from last year's "Something sort of Grandish," "C'est L'ui!" and the retread "Jolly Old St. Nick."

Plus, John had the call ready for Martin's 1st Yankee homer, which came in only the second game. This is John's walk year, and he's playing like it.

Carlos Siiiilva said...

I kind of wanted something out of left field (so to speak), like another random Broadway reference.