Monday, December 19, 2011

10 TRUE Fun Facts About Yankee Auction Purchase Hiroyuki Nakajama

1. Hiroyuki belted 43 homers for his high school team, where he was also the ace pitcher!

2. Hiroyuki smacked his first major league hit off right-hander Satoru Kanemura!

3. In 2004, Hiroyuki earned his pay: He played every inning of every game!

4. Shortstop Hiroyuki led the league in errors three straight years!

5. In 2008, Hiroyuki hit .331, losing the batting title to the always-tough outfielder Rick Short!

6. As a Seibu Lion, Hiroyuki wore uniform No. 3, succeeding the great SS and New York Met, Kazuo Matsui!

7. In 2008, Hiroyuki bore down and won a Gold Glove award!

8. Hiroyuki is known to hold the bat high over his head, like a Kendo fighter!

9. In the 2009 World Baseball Classic, Hiroyuki hit .364, leading the Japanese team, and driving in seven runs!

10. The Yankees won the rights to sign Hiroyuki with a bid of $2 million!

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Joe De Pastry said...

11. He won't be as bad as Nunez.