Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The first review of my book came out yesterday

"The Juju Rules" will be published in April by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Yesterday, Publishers Weekly weighed in.

Juju, an “anecdotal science rooted in the theory that every living being has a cosmic purpose...,” can be applied to all sports, but Seely’s expertise is baseball. The Syracuse Post-Standard journalist’s affections are for the New York Yankees; he even accepts credit for being the reason “so many people hate the Yankees.” Seely, who was ironically spawned by a father with an “all-consuming hatred” of his son’s team, weaves his life as a Yankees fan with instructions on how to apply the rules in a fast-paced, hilarious fashion—at times touching, but never dull. Included are historical tidbits that only a true fan would know or care about. This rollicking exposition unveils a rabid fan who claims to have a “Jekyll/Hyde” complex with respect to the Yankees. There is no Jekyll or Hyde—there is only Seely, a true fan. (Apr.)


Mustang said...

But it doesn't mention me. And I have my own chapter. What kind of bullshit book review is this?

David Ballela said...


JM said...

Looking forward to reading it. Have you told Jeter? I think it would make a thoughtful addition to his gift baskets.