Friday, December 2, 2011

If The Yankees Feel They Can Stand Pat.....

Then, logic says, they will have much the same experience next season as they had this season.

Let's see....

We win the division and go out in the first round.

A few fears from standing pat:

1. Ivan Nova and a sophomore jynx.
2. Phil Hughes and pitching at all.
3. AJ Burnett with another hot start.
4. Freddy and another year.
5. MO, pollups and age.
6. Boone and those IR guys as our only lefties.
7. Tex hitting .238
8. Jesus as a DH
9. A-Rod and his lack of anything important.
10. Swish and his annual swoon
11. Grandy and another run at the MVP
12. Outfield depth
13. Derek and his first step.
14. Soriano and weekly injuries.

I wonder how our recent draft picks are developing.

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