Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yankee fans mourn death of Kim Jung Il

Just months after sending Moamar Ghaddafi to his ultimate showers, Yankee fans are back in the international spotlight. Yesterday, the entire world saw a cuddly North Korean boy mourn the death of supreme pooh bah Kim Jung Il, while wearing a Yankee cap.

Did you notice it, Redsock fans? A Yankee cap. Not a Mets cap. Not Hello Kitty, Twilight: Breaking Dawn or even The X Factor. A Yankee cap.

The child is obviously of high intelligence and superior discipline, presented to the world as proof of  North Korean progress. He looks respectful, thoughtful, wise - yet with a glint of revolutionary spirit and compassion - attributes commonly associated with Yankee fans.

Not a Cubs cap. A Yankee cap.

When the free world needed someone to plug Moamar G, it turned to Yankee fans. And now, the bridge to a future free and open North Korea taking shape - unfortunately, moreso than our rotation.

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