Friday, December 23, 2011

Yankeetorial: We are the job-creating, overtaxed 1 percent

Intoxicated by their own arrogance, the radical socialists at MLB no longer feel any need to hide their utter contempt for America and capitalism.

Che Selig and his tie-dyed, welfare-mob Noam Chomsky owner-cronies are slathering themselves in peanut oil, so they can run buck naked in the streets, glistening amid the light from burning U.S. flags, as they deliriously celebrate their illegal and unjust $13.9 million blood-luxury tax on the Yankees.

This horrible draconian crackdown has cowed the Steinbrothers - known to be meek and otherwise good-hearted fuckups - into accepting a winter where our greatest free agent acquisition is Gus Molina.

We have abdicated our seat of Yankee prominence, letting the Angels, Marlins and Rangers grab players and headlines that are rightfully ours. And now this:

We must pay the Madoff Mafia $13.9 million for its phony, flesh-peddling Ponzi scam?

No justice, no peace.

Fourteen million dollars? That's a year of Roy Oswalt. That's two bullpen arms. We should not pay blood money to MLB. Let's refuse. What can they do? Kick us out of the league?

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JM said...

Not that there's anything wrong with Gus Molina.

Just sayin'.