Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The ESPN/Redsock revolving door continues

Once again, the anti-Yankee terror camp in Bristol, Connecticut, (the city that inspired  Sarah Palin to have a child) is providing not only comfort but jobless bennies to an out-of-work Redsock -- in exchange for releasing new Boston manager Bobby Valentine.

Yep. ESPN is hiring Terry Francona. Why are we not surprised?

Expect Tito to "bend backwards" in the Redsock/ESPN blubber booth, taking pains not to act like a doddering, Schillingesque, TV-faced Gammonite -- which moves and speaks like an electrified pile of Nomar. But when the game is on the line, and little Dustin Pedroia mini-strides to the plate, the giggling testimonials will sound like Miley Cyrus after a quart of Keystone.

Listen: I don't mind a team having a homer. Every team needs one. (And one element of John Sterling's critics is their wrongful notion that the Yankees should not have one.) But the Redsocks stash their homers in Bristol, like secret terror cells waiting for the call. And what an incentive to play in Boston! If you can speak a sentence without swearing or sounding like Rick Perry, you've got a job for life.

I just hope Theo Epstein recognizes the compensation package he owes Boston, based on the ESPN model, for having jumped to the Cubs. The Redsocks should receive Grady Little or a nephew of Haywood Sullivan. Straight up deal - ruined GM for ruined GM. That's how ESPN and Boston do it. Oh, and one more thing: If Palin has another kid, let's hope she names it Bridgeport.

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