Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yankeetorial: Georgie deserves justice

Amid the Kardashian wedding-level celebrations regarding our re-signing of Gus Molina, one news byte seems to have evaded the Yankiverse radar: Jorge Posada is mulling offers from enemy teams.

Jorge doesn't want to retire, God love'm. Who can blame him? For six months last year, the Yankee brass wouldn't let him catch; then injuries neutered us, so he donned the mask and did the job. For eight months, the writers buried his hitting; then he became our best bat in the playoffs. Remember the terrible night when Girardi batted him in a pitcher's slot? Jorge pulled himself from the lineup, then ate shit for a month, just to defuse the spat. Now, we tell him to take a hike, thanks for the memories, Georgie old pal, HEY LOOK, GUS MOLINA! Yeah, right.

Listen: Nobody worth keeping retires gracefully. The best ones leave clawing tiles off the floor. David Wells and David Cone - the bastards - signed with Boston. Bernie boycotted Old Timers Day. Even now, Roger Clemens is lifting weights, dreaming of his return. (Is Ricky Henderson still with Newark?) Nobody quits. The great ones believe in themselves, long after everybody says goodbye.

So Jorge is mulling offers. Well, here's a question for Mr. Cashman:

WTF, man? Does your phone work? Do we let a lifetime Yankee - perhaps the best managing prospect among the recent generation - go out as a Tampa Ray? Are there no coaching positions, announcing positions, Reggie Jackson positions - missionary positions - available for a Core Four member?

Yeesh, if the Yankees were Rutgers football, Jorge already would be on the payroll, handshaking the alumni. Come on, Yankees: This is not the retirement of David Justice. This is Jorge. Georgie needs justice. Make him an offer. Nobody wants him hitting for the Mets.

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