Saturday, December 24, 2011

A special Christmas Eve message to you, and you, and YOU!

On this, the holiest of nights, may all the blessings of hope and love be yours and for your loved ones, and may you all live happily in peace with all the joys of the yuletide season, not only today but throughout the coming year, without regret, and with new understanding that each day is sacred in our hearts, and may your dreams forever guide your own personal sleigh, lit by the beacons of truth and peace on earth, plus goodwill to man, and to all, with love, as stated earlier, and may prosperity shine upon your family throughout the next year, and the year after that, and frankly, forever, even long after you and your family are in their graves, feeding microbes that also are blessed in the holiday spirit, whether they know it or not, and may this Christmas wish for you never fade or abruptly collapse, like a team coached by Tom Coughlin, for such is the splendor and pureness of this holiday wish, which I wish not just for you and everyone, not just today and forever, but from the deepest depths of your internal molecular core, which may or may not include the Higgs Boson particle, to the expansion of farthest regions of outer space, where entire universes of dark matter are currently being obliterated in black holes, which are joyful in their own ways, according to the plan, which none of us may ever understand, but on this Christmas Eve, may everything you've ever wanted be yours, and may nothing you never want to happen ever happen, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, may the Yankees win in 2012 and may God strike me down right now if this message is in any way insincere, and what the hell is happening up on the rooftop, click, click, click?

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