Friday, December 16, 2011

Am I The Only One Paying Attention?

The word is out and has been out for some time.

The Yankee's have decided that they are a back-up shortstop away from repeating last year's performance.

They intend to stand pat. They have enough talent.

The team, as currently composed, reflects a great combination of superstars nearing 40
(and at least one critical player already watching that milestone recede in the rear-view mirror), a couple of slow footed underachievers, and a ragtag group of pitchers ranging from reliably great to "WTF."

So Yu can go north, Melancon can haunt us for our past idiocy and bad luck, the Big Unit II can pitch near the Ohio river, and we can argue about whether Phil Hughes and Joba are better suited for starting, garbage time, set-up, or pinch running.

Personally, I think they are both done and will amount to nothing as Yankees.

If the Yanks are right with their current strategy, we can again just miss getting out of the first round. That's like looking forward to the Giants being 8-8 again.

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