Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Sigh of Relief

I feel as though I woke up and was twenty pounds lighter.

It is the first time in memory ( though my memory is jaded ) that the Yankees didn't do something I feared at the trade deadline.

We are standing pat.  We did not allow our pockets to be picked, and the GM doesn't  have to make up some story about how things were good for us.

There is an old cowboy saying about, " dance with the one that brought you."  And that is what we are doing.

It is what I wanted.

If this team has champions on it, let's see them surface now. 

Everyone has to do their job.  If they do, we'll be fine.

If not, there will be major change next season.  We'll trade all the wrong guys.

I'm satisfied, and that is rare. 

It will only last until Friday's game.

But we can rest easy tonight.


Rufus T. Firefly said...
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Rufus T. Firefly said...

Twenty pounds lighter? Stay away from those high colonics!

Joe of AZ said...

MSSM (main stream sports media)

You know damn well

Bauer, Roark, Greinke would have gotten murdered as Yankee ALA Sonny, Paxton et Al in New York...and with their psych issues would had a melt down under the pressure.

Let em perform somewhere else

Keep the prospect! we don't need anymore underachievers.

13bit said...

Fighting soldiers from the sky
Fearless men who jump and die
Men who mean just what they say
The brave men of the Green Beret

13bit said...

Back at home a young wife waits
Her Green Beret has met his fate
He has died for those oppressed
Leaving her his last request

13bit said...

Put silver wings on my son's chest
Make him one of Cashman's best
He'll be a man they'll test one day
And Food Stamps Hal will lead the way

ranger_lp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ranger_lp said...

Cashman presser:

HoraceClarke66 said...

Brought tears to my eyes, 13bit.

I want to join in:

They say we can't win without bucks
Our pitching coach, he truly sucks
Our arms are shot, our bodies tear
Our bullpen's taking too much wear

But Cashie saved our kids today
They'll be our boys come what may.

13bit said...

slow drum roll and fade out...

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