Saturday, July 13, 2019

Luke Is Back Today

Our line-up is re-powered.

Happy days are here again.

Infielders get a day off per week as CJ rotates to each position.

Let's raise a glass.


Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

That's all fine and good, but here is our Vocabulary Word of the Day (Courtesy of Merriam-Webster, without which my English would be a total mess):

hap•less | \ ˈha-pləs \
Definition of hapless
: having no luck : UNFORTUNATE
- tale of a hapless sailor
- hapless beings caught in the grip of forces we can do little about— W. H. Whyte

Would that we were Happ-less!

JM said...

Happ was, uncharacteristically, good. Ottavino not. Bloop hits, baloney. He just wasn't good enough.

Best I can do with a hangover. Was nice sleeping for 12 hours, though. Binged season two of Sabrina last night, and I have to say, that show got very dark very fast. It was fun.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I know. We finally got a good game out of Crapp, and we hit like it. Six singles, three of them by our leading power hitter. Oy. And Sancho has left his weight on base.

I agree about Ottavino. Randal Grichuk? Once again, the relief goes south just when we need it most.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Time for a bloop and a blast...

JM said...

Gleyber and Gardy refuse to walk. No heroics today.

JM said...

The General comes through. All up to Judge.

JM said...


JM said...


HoraceClarke66 said...

Hey, day game after a night game. You can't expect these millionaires to try hard everyday—not when there are songs to be sung and hearts to be won.

Eight singles—four of them by Judge, two from Gardner. The well-rested went a big 1-12. Looked like they were still resting; glad we didn't go all out in Tampa.

As Casey would say, "The attendance was robbed."

HoraceClarke66 said...

And all in all: 9 runs in the last 4 games. Great. More rest from not having to run the bases.

Mike Fan Cessa said...

I don't see a lot of games on TV and I know what I think doesn't matter to the people who allege to be in charge of this, and maybe the instances when what I'm about to mention happen less often than I think...but I have to ask: Would it kill Bazooka Ho (Aka Ma) to dispense with his cud long enough to raise some shit...let's see...even every TENTH time Judge gets completely fucked over by a low inside "strike"? Is it too much to ask that he seem to give a shit? You have a guy who today (if I read the visual cues of what I saw right) got a fourth hit and seemed genuinely pissed off it hadn't been a few feet to the right and driven in more runs. That's the kind of player I want, and I can sense no reason that if things are on the up and up his manager wouldn't go apeshit and get tossed any time he needed to, to show that guy (or any other player) he's on their side. And the fucker stands there WITHOUT HIS FUCKING UNIFORM TOP ON, THE ONE ANY OF US WOULD WEAR EVERY FUCKING MINUTE WE COULD, and chews his gum and...the whole thing makes me sicker than seeing Barney Rubble Rothschild shaking his empty head while something happens which he simultaneously is sure he could've foreseen and fixed, and gives his own "what's the use?" apology.

If this whole thing is theater anyway (which it is) I'm cool with other people running the show. I'm not cool with whatever the hell it is Aaron Boone is supposed to represent to me. I appreciate his homer. Right now that's about it. The worst part is he's probably doing his best, has the team winning more than anyone else, and I STILL wish he'd get jettisoned for some coagulation of Billy Martin, Don Zimmer, and Brother Theodore.

And I know that wouldn't help. But godDAMN I want to see some honest anger when there's reason for it. Those inside fake third strikes Judge is allowed to gather seem like good reasons.

And yes; there are others.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Mike Fan Cessa:

That's a first-class rant. Please do come by more often.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

" what I think doesn't matter to the people who allege to be in charge of this"

Mike, you'd be surprised about that.

Most of us here (if not all) wish for more passion in ACTUALLY WINNING THE FUCKING GAME.

I'm still pissed off about them not wanting to win the last two DEVIL ray games.

Today sucked, but at least the racist townie asshole red sux are being trounced (and their star pitcher) by the brooklynites.

Anonymous said...







Mike Fan Cessa said...

Thank you LBJ.

I have read the blog for years and honestly feel I'm usually out of my league as regards discussion of the farm system or anything else. Love reading your (and everyone's) takes on all that the Black Swan allows us to consider joyful.

As the Spinners said, I'll be around. Thank you again.

Mike Fan Cessa said...

Mr. Firefly, I apologize for the way my words came out...I didn't mean the people in charge of or otherwise contributing to this blog; I meant the people like that delightful Mr. Trost who run the team we follow. And his superiors.

I'm truly sorry for the confusion, sir. If I were a person trying to emulate another person hiding in Boston I'd say "FUCKING FREEDONIA STRONG". But I'm not, so I don't.

HoraceClarke66 said...

We knew what you meant!

Mike, cool handle, nice rant.

Rufus, I completely agree. And I know, I know...a little voice inside me keeps saying, Hey, it's a long season, let it go...

I can't. Because you don't blow off games like those last two in Tampa. You don't say, Oh, we've beaten these small-market donkeys enough, it's Miller Time! Let's rest up for the ALL-SNORES!

You don't because of games like today. You don't because you know, just down the road, there's gonna be a game where the umps screw you, and another one where you run into rotten bad luck, and another one where the guys just had too good a time the night before to really care.

You know those games are coming, no matter what you do, so you don't take your foot off the pedal.

And yes, it's unbelievable to me that Ma—famed third-generation scion of a baseball family—doesn't get that about the long season.

Also: nice to see the Birds rise up and smite those Rays.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


As Dogbert says, never apologize. And my name is Rufus. Cause, well -- I'm a hillbilly. Mr. Firefly was my father.

You're all right with the prez of freedonia. We're all pissed at management.


Ma Boone should be thrown out of every game that Judge gets hosed by the umps. Then maybe he'll start getting calls in his actual strike zone. Ever notice JOE FUCKING WEST is involved in too many bad calls for the Yankees? (sorry about the all caps, but I was actually screaming that.)


It's OK to listen to the little voices in your head. But be afraid if you start arguing with them. And Pete Rose told me EVERY GAME COUNTS!

Rufus T. Firefly said...


I'd tell you to use google translate, but 1) they spy on you and 2) it doesn't really do slang or context, so you'd probably order pizza when you want a lottery ticket.

ranger_lp said...

And with Judge, it's not a one off game, it's all the f'n time! It's not right. And you don't see that stooge Of Manfred do anything about it. I guess they don't want Judge on the cover of MLB The Show again.

ranger_lp said...

And another thing...if George we're still around, he'd have a f'n news conference complaining about the umpires and the Judge strike zone...hell, he'd be sending video to the league office showing the f'n obvious. Then George would pay his fine issued by the league, but he'd get results. But not his offspring...FYH.

And another another thing, clicking too many times for traffic lights and bridges, and stop signs, and orangutans...this is almost as annoying. Fuck you Google.

Alphonso said...

Wait a minute...Even if Mike Fan Cessa unintentionally blew up those of us who claim to know baseball...that is still a good thing.

We need to be rattled and shook.

See what happens when Duque gets complacent? He gets optimistic. And then we fall apart.

When no one attacks me, I simply drink more until I produce outrage. And then I make embarrassing predictions. And I make typos and mis-spell shit.

We are just like the team; fat, lazy, ripe for a fall.

Only difference; we are fucking amusing.

Also; we don't get paid.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Wait a minute...Even if Mike Fan Cessa unintentionally blew up those of us who claim to know baseball...that is still a good thing.

I'm going to take the position that, like all good poetry, Mike Fan Cessa's comments are subject to further study and interpretation and a robust, scholarly, and erudite debate.

When you say, "Mike Fan Cessa unintentionally blew up those of us who claim to know baseball", I'm assuming you're referring to this passage:

Love reading ... everyone's ... takes on all that the Black Swan allows us to consider joyful.

I took this to mean that:

1) The Black Swan is the Black Swan and not any one specific contributor.

2) The Black Swan does its job and occasionally culls the Yankee herd.

3) Those of us who feverishly follow the Yankee herd, therefore, are "allowed" "to consider joyful" the pinstriped herd-members who are NOT culled.

This is pure poetry, man.

And by "man", I mean "motherfucker".

P.S. Is it too early for a drink so we can discuss further?

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I hate the black swan.

Swannie makes it never to early to drink.

Sort of like WC Fields snake to have around in case of snake bites.

Your individual liver results may vary.

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