Thursday, July 18, 2019

Bean bag tossing begins in Florida

Fully decked out in Yankee garb,  Luis and Dellin have started soft tossing.

So far, the  bean bags are traveling up to twenty feet.

Dellin has green bags and Severino has yellow ones.  Both are filled with one ounce of dried pinto beans.

Each player will throw three bags per day for the first week.

At this rate of progress, tossing the baseball used in the American league is about 33 days in the future, if there are no setbacks.

While the press and public are not able to watch the rehab of these two key players, their bankers are
granted access.  They want to make sure that the direct deposit of appx. $1 million per month for each player is not hindered.

Yankee fans have a lot to be excited about. The prospect of having either of these two back in this century is startling.

 I'll be surprised if either player comes through this ordeal unscathed, but one can always hope.

This, folks, is the best and easiest job in America.  Not too mention, the most well paid.


ranger_lp said...

Maybe they can do some Cornhole competitions until they are off the EL.

At least they are doing baseball activities...

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Is Glassbury up to looking at soft toss yet? I sense there might be a problem with his recovery. Yankees obtained a base stealing specialist, thus negating Glassbury's September role.

ranger_lp said...

He's rehabbing...

JM said...

Looks like this will be a night-night double header. This delay was idiotic. They could be in the 5th by now.

If we're very lucky, game two starts at 9 or 10.

The Master is back and sounds great!

TheWinWarblist said...

Um, 'Phons'? I think you may have overstated things. Luis and Tounces don't have the easiest and best job in America. Hal Steinbrenner does. Hal's job is far more lucrative as well. Probably by at least one order of magnitude.

Fuck you Hal. Fuck you until your syphilitic eyes burst and run down your face.

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