Wednesday, July 31, 2019


...82 games, that is.

Sure, it's looking tough right now.  But all the Yanks have to do is go 15-41 in their last 56 games, and they will have their 27th straight winning season.

Okay, so it doesn't come close to the team record, 39 straight of 1926-1964.  But still!

Let's face it:  this Yankees team cannot win the World Series with this quality of pitching—and certainly not with the team hemorrhaging a player a day, and more obviously playing hurt (looking at you, Mr. Judge).

It cannot win the pennant.  It cannot win a single postseason series.  I doubt if it can win the division or, frankly, even qualify for a wild card in the end.

Hey, we pretty much knew this from the start.

Sure, I suppose there could be a miracle or seven.  The Sox team plane could crash into the Rays' team bus, and all of the Astros could come down with food poisoning for the month of October.

But I doubt that that's going to happen.  The Astros don't buy their food from Yankee Stadium concession stands.

Let's put aside these petty goals and aspirations for a moment.  We're talking about bigger things here,  records that date back to the ages when Chthulu and the other invisible ones strode the earth.

A winning season this year—no done deal, but a real possibility!—will bring us up to a total of 95.  Depending on how things go for the Giants, our ancient blood rivals in the World Beyond This One, they will have 94 or 95, despite having played for 20 years more than us.

Yes, that's right, Yankees fans.  Don't worry about those measly pennants and World Series other teams will win.  We will be dust long before any of them exceed our records in those.

What is most important is, we will be the all-time winningest team.  Bwaahaha.  Bwaahahahahahahahahahahaha!  Call out Dr. Odulu and Mr. Obigdan.  We got the magic working!!  Bwaahahaha!


JM said...

We would've won last night if they didn't have Bob Gibson pitching. You know, the guy with the ERA over 6.00 who suddenly transformed into the Unhittable One.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yeah, JM, that's yet another problem with this team's "preparation" as opposed to its "analytics."

For years now, the Yankees have been absolutely stifled by pitchers they haven't seen much of before. Of course, they see more of these pitchers than ever now, between inter-league and the very few games a year they play against teams in the AL outside their division.

The remedy would be hiring more trusted scouts to get a good handle on what these guys throw, then forcing our hitters to pay attention at a briefing on them.

I know that back in the day—in the 1970s—the Yanks would send out Gene Michael all the time to look at teams they had coming up, particularly in the playoffs and World Series. Reggie Jackson has credited Stick in part for his three-home run game against the Dodgers.

We could do the same. Why don't we? Because all we care about is pursuing the same, home run or walk approach against every team and every batter. We think that should suffice. When it does not, we are not about to let something so paltry as reality stand in the way.

cabish47 said...

You're never as good as you look when you're winning or as bad as you look when you're losing. It just seems that way.
For perspective, I researched a dark month in the past. The Yankees had the worst ERA in all baseball, went 10 and 15 for the month. The future seemed bleak. It was June of 2000. The dynasty was dead-- until it wasn't.
I know, I know there is no dynasty this year (except the one brewing in NE), but maybe our boys will revert to the mean, which is surely better than their recent forlorn performance.
I hope so. I live in CT and hate the snickers from %@#&! RS fans.

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