Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The pitcher we needed was out there, but the owner we needed wasn't

All we had to do was outbid Atlanta...

Imagine it... a starter pitching into the seventh inning... twice in a row!


Local Bargain Jerk said...

As if those stats aren't enough, check out these from when the same owner went AWOL earlier in the season.

Vampifella said...

That's against the NL though. The entire league is comparable to the mediocre to awful AL teams (other than for the Dodgers and maybe the Braves of course).

His Yank stats would probably be more like 5 runs by the 3rd inning against better competition like the Rays, 'Stos and even the "meh" Red Sucks and the currently homer-happy Blue Jay rookies. I have serious doubts he'd be able to fend off the Twins or any of the current AL Wild Card contenders.

He'd probably make a good 4th or 5th, which the Yanks do indeed need, but he's surely not another '17-'18 Chris Sale type guy to be impressed about. Plus I'm sure the Yanks coaching staff would find a way to wreck him and make him the second coming of Sonny Grey. We'll surely find this out next year when we'll sign him to a dreadful 4-5 year contract at $20+ mil a year.

Bunk said...

In the 7.1 game, he actually got one out into the eighth. Unheard of!

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