Sunday, July 28, 2019

What Is The Measure Of Success?

Subject:  The International IV planned for tonight.

I believe a Yankee win is a clear measure of success.

However;  Vegas odds say German gives up eight earned runs ( including one three run HR ) before the 4th inning. 

If he holds the Sox to no runs in the first inning, does that count as an element of success for the IV?  (The intervention doesn't begin until the second inning).

Each game in this set, so far, has been "over" by the end of inning one.  So,  if we lose the game 14-5 but "beat Boston" ( say: 5-4 ) in the last 8 innings, does that constitute success?

If we don't lose a player to injury, is that a Yankee "win" under this IV?

If Chad Green is deemed unavailable by Boone tonight, is that a measure of positivity due to the IV?

How about an upbeat report on Severino , throwing Nerf balls in Florida?  What if he feels no pain after 15 soft tosses of about 12 feet?

Or Dellin B sitting on the bench with a blank stare, spitting pumpkin seeds...holding an MRI report that is inconclusive?

If Cashman does not announce a deal tonight, for an over-the-hill, former big name pitcher, is that a success?

If we lose by 4 or 5 runs instead of 16, is that a success?

Don't get me wrong.  I am " all in."  Tequila and beer;  beer and tequila.  Beginning in the second inning. 

Who planned this thing?  Who did the fucking math?

If this game is over in the first inning ( again) how can the IV have any impact whatsoever?

Jesus and Jesus ( above ) are on our side.


Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

There seems to be a bit of insubordination going on in higher ranks. So what is it, a NATIONAL or an INTERnational intervention.
And about the starting time, what' s it gonna be .
I mean, make up you mind already.

This feels like Ma Boone planning an intervention.
Has Sascha Gray become a member of the IIHIIFIIC board?

Are we slumping along with Eddie?

13bit said...

1. I would volunteer "Planetary Intervention"

2. The only measure of success with the Yankees is the percentage increase in Hal's net worth. Baseball is a small part of it.

3. "It's after the end of the world. Don't you know that yet?" ~ Sun Ra and his Arkestra

13bit said...

One more thing. Urban Farmer got me to thinking:

Sasha Grey or IBS Lady?

Which one to lead the charge tonight?

Ken of Brooklyn said...

@ 13 Bit>
Big salute to you my friend for the Sun Ra reference, brilliant!

I'd say the humiliation of not being swept by my most hated team is what I'm clinging to. If only somebody on this site had mentioned the need for better pitching during last offseason, then we would be in this predicament,,,,, oh wait

And I vote for Sasha Grey, she can take a pounding and still comes out on top ( so to speak)

JM said...

Sasha, hands down. Or hands somewhere.

Alphonso, yesterday's game was not over after one inning. It was three, I think.

We should have a special corner on the home page called "Boone's Boners"--not to bring up Ms. Grey again--where the latest idiotic decision by our manager can be noted and villified.

JM said...

And yes, space is the place.

Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

Bauer Just had a meltdown vs Kansas. Another one bites the dust.
However, maybe something for Cooperstown

JM said...

Word going around, Stroman going to the Mets. Is that because maybe Thor is going somewhere?

Like, to us?

Lots of chatter right now.

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