Friday, July 26, 2019

Letter To Horace

Dear Hoss,

I only have one quarrel with your post today.....I would have removed Tanaka after the third ( turd ) batter.  It is when I stopped watching the game and opted for re-runs of "Naked and Afraid."

I keep hoping that on one show the Caiman or the Croc gets the idiots swimming across the river.  Or that the black mamba finds his target, rather than becoming dinner.

I mean, some things are simply too predictable.

My feelings are pretty much the same regarding the Red Sox and, more recently, Aaron Boone.  Let the black mamba get them.

Boonie made an even more dangerous mistake last night.

What if, for example, Austin Romine had injured himself doing the unnatural thing of pitching an inning or two?  He is now our number one catcher.

How would we all feel if Sanchez was asked to pitch for a while?

I would rather the Yankees selected a fan to pitch.

In fact, what would MLB do if Boston never made an out?

1 comment:

JM said...

They would tell them to watch Hobo with a Shotgun.

So sorry, Rutger. My brain shorted out.