Tuesday, July 16, 2019

And A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall

It started in the Toronto series.

We were battled every second and barely managed to eke out a series win.

El Chappo was surviving on fumes, precariously putting lead runs either on base or at the plate.

No more nine pitches and three K's. 

He is getting hammered, and relying on his breaking ball. 

The team has also been shut down.  Too many low scoring games for this pitching staff.  Even what today are considered miracle outings ( 6 innings; 2 runs ) form Happ and Paxton are not holding up. 

We are scoring in one inning.  Not adding on.  Not hitting in the clutch.  Again.

The energy has drained out of the team. 

No more comebacks for us.  Only for them.

Something is wrong.

We have that look.  Hoping that someone else will do something to earn a win. Waiting for someone else to hit the big one.

Boone is having to use those phrases again, like; " rough patch"; "give the other team some credit: " "he just missed on that pitche's location."

Don't look now, but the weather is worsening and the river is rising.


Anonymous said...

Tauchman instead of Clint Frazier. All you know on earth, and all you need to know.

HoraceClarke66 said...

You're right Alphonso—and Anon.

This is the exact opposite of The Great Team, from 1996-2000, which talked constantly of how they passed things on down the line. In other words, they were content to play within themselves, settle for a simple hit or a walk, knowing that sooner or later they would get the big blow.

Sort of the, "They can run, but they can't hide" philosophy of baseball.

Now they turn their lonely eyes to...who, exactly?

The only thing worse than always turning to some big bopper...is turning to a big bopper who's never there. This team has reverted to looking for Giancarlo, and he's not around.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Voit out looking...

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