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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Time To Trade Judge

I know that most of the salivating is over.

Aaron Judge has shown the Yankees that he can't hit real pitching.  He is far too tall to be an outfielder.  There was only one Dave Winfield and, truth be told, I can name about 10 other outfielders from his era that I would have rather had on the Yankees.

But he still looks great coming off the bus and, thus far, appears to be sticking with  cucumber sandwiches, rather than fried chicken, at the Yankee ( minor league ) buffet table.  I'm sure there are teams out there who still see a great, high ceiling for this young man.  Anyone agree?  Anyone?

I say, before this dude proves beyond all measure to be a fraud ( as Jesus did ), we trade him out for some picks, some prospects, some live arms, or perhaps for a few seats in our own Legends Club. Throw in pretty much anyone from our minor league system and you might find a buyer.  I vote for Parmalee and Mason ( " no hit ") Williams.  One of them can even still be considered sort of young.

Seattle should probably be avoided.  After years of picking us clean, they finally got stuck with the ice cream sandwich guy and are now more gun shy with the Yankees.  But there is someone out there.   Some team that accumulates former high draft picks ( other than us ), and hopes for a miracle.

And the time is now, before he hits .085 in Scranton, and finds himself back on the bus to Trenton.  Another blockbuster.

Another top hitting prospect for a top pitching prospect.

Two bums locked in debate forever.

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JM said...

I do believe there was a variant on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In where Sammy Davis Jr., in his courtroom robe, walked offscreen chanting, "There goes the judge...there goes the judge..." So there is precedent.