Friday, April 8, 2016

If You Didn't See Me....

Do you remember the guy with the blue shirt and glasses?  And the totally empty row behind him?  I was one up from that, and invisible on my taped version of the game.

Okay, you deserve the truth.

I tried like hell to send my photo and plea to the Oliver show, and I kept getting a message from my computer that the, "JPEG could not be sent. " 

I corralled a neighborhood teenager and he gave it a shot, noting in the end that my version of something or other was not up to snuff.  Apparently, I missed about 4 years worth of software upgrades.

He managed to send it on his iMac, but it arrived at Oliver's Show mailbox in time only to receive a pleasant note of thanks, and a comment that, "my outfit certainly was something to consider."  So I get to be offended without any hope of the reward. Nonetheless, the tickets were long-since dispersed, given the logistics now required by the Yankees for tickets.

I must say, I saw nothing in yesterday's Legend's section ( on TV ) that seemed to qualify, given The Oliver challenge.  And I had seen the ninja turtles.

Nathan gave us his usual outing of 5+ innings and a lot of runs.

The fact that we won the game is surprising.  We have scored more runs in our first series than we scored in the first month last year.

Can't wait to watch CC in the next series.

I will be drinking Canadian Club in shot glasses to honor his appearance.

One shot for every scoreless inning he pitches.

Anyone care to join me?


KD said...

I'll join you but will be drinking Blanton's.

Parson Tom said...

I'll go with the Canadian Club, but given the rules of the game, I expect I'll still be pretty thirsty when Girardi comes out with the hook after 4 and two-thirds innings.

joe disappointed pastry said...

You disappointed me, man. I hope that Canadian Club spills all over your shirt and you drop your cigar on it, burning a big hole in it.

Alphonso said...

I know. Sorry. I will drop and burn.

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