Monday, April 25, 2016

A poem by John and Suzyn


By John Sloss Sterling and Suzyn Waldman

Here is the three one to Ellsbury.
Swung on, hit high in the air to right field.
That ball is high...
        It is far...
               It is… gone!
Into the Tiger Stadium lower deck!
Jacoby hits one!
He Ells-buries it in the right field seats!
O, everything is Jake with Jacoby!
He homers to give the Yankees
a one nothing lead.
And that’s a big load off of his chest,
his first home run, he’s got a big smile,
did you hear the fans here?
Is everybody from New York
in this building?
There’s not a lot of them,
but there’s an awful lot
of New Yorkers in here.
Sounds it, huh?

Solo Shot, your automatic cameraman!
No standing on the sidelines for hours,
pointing a camera.
Solo Shot points the camera automatically.
Visit Solo Shot dot com to learn more.

Yes, that was a solo shot.

April 25, 2016
Yankees v. Rangers, third inning
Globe Life Stadium, Arlington, Texas
(not Tiger Stadium)


Anonymous said...


KD said...

when traveling, I sometimes wake up and for 500 milliseconds I try to figure out where I am. Poor John. His moments of uncertainty now last most of the day. It's a bitch growing old.

Stang said...


JM said...

I wonder if John and Suzyn have a couple of Solo Shots...maybe of Patron Silver...before or during the game.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Because Detroit and Dallas are such similar cities.

They both start with D.
They both were home to Dennis Rodman at one point.

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