Wednesday, April 27, 2016

If I Hear One More Compliment......

.........from David Cone, or Curt Schilling about the potential, the arm strength, and the Hall-Of-Fame level output of Luis Severino, my 12 gauge is going to come out of the closet.

Seriously, as Severino was failing every test last night, Coney kept on his rant about how great this young player was going to be.  We got to watch him load the bases , with two outs, in a one run game. We got to see him walk in a run.  We got to see a bases clearing hit up the gap and, when the Rangers finally missed a pitch, the third out was registered. Mind now, this out was a mistake on Texas' part.

Now it was 6 runs on the board for Texas.  Luis just registered an "F" on all his, "Coney tests."

So this game was over in the third inning. ( Unlike Pineda, the other day, who had the game lost in the 1st inning).  So that is progress?  That is our future?  This is a player to acclaim?  This is another failure, I say.

Coney kept raving about Severino's, "90 plus change-up" ( that was off the plate for ball 4 ); and "what a great learning experience this was for the youngster" ( e.g. if he could get out of bases loaded and two outs, without letting Texas score.) I swear, when he could get the ball into the strike zone, it was a meat ball, dripping with gravy.  And Texas lit him up, every time.

When Severino needed to show his mettle, the big out didn't happen.  The out pitch didn't exist.

HIs pitch count was more than 30 in the third inning alone.  That fat guy who still pitches for the Mets is many times better than that!  Didn't we just see a 23 year old dominate the Yankees?  Luis will be 4-12.

This kid has zero command and gives me no hope at all for the future.  Maybe he can become another Dellin Bettances ( convert from starter to reliever ).   That way, if he can go the 6th inning with success, we only need starters to go 4-5 innings.  Of course, when we average 2 runs of offense per game, we need exceptional work all the time.

From now on, let's speak of him as our high prospect bum.  Just another example of Yankee public relations department, " flash and dash," but no substance.  Trade bait, whose appeal is now dirt.

 Send him to Scranton and see if he can pitch in relief.

I would rather we had Adam Warren.


JM said...

I would rather we had Warren and Refsnyder at second. Trying to change him to a third baseman, and dicking him around, is destroying his psyche. He's quickly becoming a head case, if he isn't already.

Severino has been scouted and he can't adjust. Pinata sucks. Nova is even worse out of the bullpen than he was as a starter.

We are dead in the water. The little fishies are nibbling on the corpse.

el duque said...

The problem is not that the Yankees hype these prospects so much. It's that we don't take into consideration that every team in baseball has comparable - or superior - young talent coming up through the system.

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