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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

R.I.S.P. is becoming R.I.P...

Last night, The Master had it worse than Lyin' Ted. He sounded whipped. John's takeaway points, before Suzyn's Clubhouse Report: The Yankees have "no kick" coming, they had their chances, no excuses, but sooner or later, they will hit, they will hit. THEY. WILL. HIT.

Ah, yes. I'd almost forgotten... the boundless love a moose feels for his flying squirrel...

Rest assured: John Sterling will not lose faith in the Yankees, in Bigelow Tea, or in Jeep. He truly believes we will hit, and that 15 minutes can save you big on car insurance. And, you know what? He's right... about the team. Eventually, they will. But a question is starting to loom on the horizon: Will it matter?

Frankly, this is mid April, a time we always slip on our frozen puke. Fortunately, we don't remember it in May. But the 2016 team needed a nice April, and we are now last in the AL East, with the fourth worst record in the league, ahead of only the Twins, Mariners and Astros.

In the dreaded Small Sample, Tex is batting .200, A-Rod .154, Hicks .059, Headley .200, Ellsbury .213 and Didi .225. John believes that's a positive: All of these hitters will start to produce, and the team will thrive.

But like Trump and Hillary, the fans are moving on. I doubt Comcast is losing viewers in Jersey. Everywhere, I see Mets and Redsock caps, where Yankee emblems used to flourish. In Syracuse, the guy at the flea market who sells Yankee shirts didn't bother to get a new shipment this spring. He's still selling Grandersons.

Listen carefully, and you can almost hear the sound of crickets. It's too early for crickets.


Rogerb said...

It is a small sample size. But Ellsbury? With runners in scoring position, he almost always swings at the first pitch, and either a) makes weak contact; b) fouls the ball off; or c) misses the pitch entirely. Might it not be too much to ask for a bunt now or then? A squeeze? There may have been two safety squeezes in the entire time Girardi has been managing the Yankees, and I may be exaggerating, as I actually cannot remember a single safety squeeze. He is no longer a premier outfielder, and his first few steps on his attempted stolen base last night looked pathetic. Remind me who were we bidding against when we secured this, the Remains of Ellsbury? It reminds me of watching Jose Cruz Sr. play out his final innings for the Yankees, except we had the luxury back then, in the 80's, to waive him. Can't do that for Ellsbury, because it would be waiving goodbye to poorly invested millions, so we are stuck with our pathetic return on our investment. To think even just a small portion of that money could have been spent to secure a player with a future....YOAN MONCADA!..., But I am not bitter....SLOWLY I TURN....

Anonymous said...