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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Live Blog ( cont).

Things are moving a little bit more slowly, but I have hardly noticed.

5 shots in, I watched CC waddle out to the mound to start the 7th.

I was starting to wonder if something had happened to this guy.  He is throwing stuff at 77 mph.  And I mean, this is an entire new type of Ju-Ju.  I planned on not having to drink ( assuming CC would implode ) and would up drinking to his success.  Hard to beat.

When CC got pulled with a baserunner aboard in the 7th, I had to make a call.  There was no rule book on my dilemma.

If the Yankees hold Detroit to no runs, despite CC's baserunner, do I credit CC with the full inning of no runs?

Well, what's his name got lit up , so my dilemma  became academic.

However, given that the shot glass was already full......

See you later.  I need a snooze.


JM said...

Dellin is in and Miller is next. Perhaps a High Life for the 9th?

el duque said...

John and Suzyn are excited about Swish being back in the fold, although Suzyn stressed that it will take time to get back his swing.

Scranton in Syracuse two weeks from now.

Alphonso said...


I think the tables have been turned on me. It seems H & M may be coming down this way that weekend. To see Jake and celebrate some religious moment. Grrrr